Job Finding Class(Part 2)

Following up on last time’s blog, this is the second part of what I learned during the optional class.(Part1

Job Interviews:
In Japan there are three types of interviews (Group interview, group discussion and one to one or individual interview).

Group interview/Discussion:
Group interview is the most commonly used in Japan when applying for jobs.Group interviews is normally associated or joined together with group discussion and as such, I will cover them both in this segment .What the interviewers look at in both is how the applicants handle situations, such as who have a good leadership sense and can manage to guide the group, who supports the team and becomes second in command, providing assistance, acknowledging good suggestions, taking notes and working on potential ways to improve upon them.
Naturally they look at negative aspects as well.Such as showing poor leadership skills, forcing their methods on the group instead of trying to adapting and listening to other’s suggestions.Poor teamwork skills are also another factor that is looked upon, especially if the position requires the applicant to work as part of a team.Another point is manners, since we are talking about working in Japan, manners are extremely important.Therefore, when pointing out issues during group discussions it is best to point out the issue after complementing the idea or pointing out the positives instead of being straightforward and pointing out the negatives and putting others in a tough spot.


Individual interviews:
This in many cases will be a follow up interview based on performance in the group interview/discussion.It more or less follows the same format as a regular interview in any other countries with a focus on likes and dislikes or culture difference might be brought up more often during the interview if the applicant is from a different background (i.e overseas).

Last point I will cover is doing some research prior to interviews.My teacher stated that this is almost as crucial when it comes to interviews as say information presented on a resume.
It is common for the interviewers to ask questions such as “why did you choose our company” or “how can you help us expand?” as well as things as “what do you plan to achieve?”.
In Japan yet another common practice is for the interview to hire applicants that have similar goals as the company’s and not someone that is simply qualified and could be useful.Meaning even if the applicant have all the necessary qualifications and more, they may not be hired if their aim is different from the company’s.Therefore, it is advised to be fully prepared to answer questions that are about the organization you will be applying for, how can you as an individual and the company benefit from each other.

This concludes what I learned during last time’s lesson, hope you find this useful.
I shall continue to share my fun experience in Japan.