Sights Along the Seibu Line – Red Spider Lilies

Red Spider Lilies

Lycoris Radiata or the red spider lily, is traditionally a very sinister flower.It’s poisonous, and was planted around rice fields and houses to keep vermin away back in the day.They were also planted around graves to show respect for the dead. Naturally people started to view the flowers as creepy.

So of course, I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to see hundreds of these sinister flowers bloom at once.In the small village of Koma, Saitama Prefecture, literally fields of this flower bloom around late September, and it’s a sight to behold.
If you’re in the Kanto region around late September, I recommend checking them out.It costs about 300 yen to enter, which is a steal considering how stunning the flowers are.The locals also sell handmade goods and home grown vegetables around the village too, so take the time to check those out as well.

I recommend arriving around early afternoon to see the flowers in good sunlight.Bring a picnic too, you can sit next to the river and eat lunch with your friends.