Sights Along the Seibu Line – Totoro’s Forest


Totoro’s Forest

The forest around Tokorozawa served as inspiration for” My Neighbour Totoro”, the famous Studio Ghibli film.Locals were keen to protect the forest from local development projects, so they set up a charity and purchased parts of the forest.The forest is open to visitors, so wander around and recall your favourite scenes from the film.(Remember to look after the forest and take your rubbish home with you!)

You can also see a house based off the sisters’ house in the film, but I got lost and couldn’t find it, so I can’t really say anything about it.I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you have a better sense of direction than me!^^

Getting to Totoro’s Forest is a little complicated.From Tokorozawa, ride the Seibu Ikebukuro line towards Hanno, and get off at Nishi-Tokorozawa.From there, transfer to the Seibu Sayama Line, and ride until you get to Seibu-Kyujo-Mae station.From there, you can walk towards the forest.It isn’t signposted though, so I recommend bringing a map or portable wifi to check where you’re going.