How do you spend long nights (Yonaga) in autumn?

The days get shorter in September.
The nigts get longer in Septmber so Septmeber is called Nagatsuki as an abbreviation of Yonagazuki.
The lingering summer heat subside day by day, it gets cooler in the moring and evening and early autumn wiil come.

We have Wafugetsumei to express months like “Mutsuki, Kisaragi..” in addition to the number like “Ichigatsu, Nigastu..” in Japan.

睦月(むつき) 1月
如月(きさらぎ) 2月
弥生(やよい) 3月
卯月(うづき) 4月
皐月(さつき) 5月
水無月(みなづき) 6月
文月(ふみづき/ふづき) 7月
葉月(はづき) 8月
長月(ながつき) 9月
神無月(かんなづき/かみなしづき) 10月
霜月(しもつき) 11月
師走(しわす) 12月
Mutsuki   (Ichigatsu)
Kisaragi   (Nigatsu)
Yayoi     (Sangatsu)
Uzuki     (Shigatsu)
Satsuki    (Gogatsu)
Minazuki    (Rokugatsu)
Fumizuki, Fuzuki  ( Shichigatsu)
Hazuki (Hachigatsu)
Nagatsuki   (Kugatsu)
Kan’nazuki, Kaminashizuki  (Jugatsu)
Shimotsuki   (Juitchifatsu)
Shiwasu     (Junigatsu)


What month were you born?
Each month has each meaning. We will teach you in the class when we study about month in Japan.

In autumn we can enjoy a lot of delicious food.
For example, we have grapes, pears, apples, chestnuts, persimmons, sauries and sweet potatos.
As we say “Autumn appetite”, We have a lot of delicious vegetable and fluits in Autumn.
Please enjoy seasonal taste.


It’s Disaster Preparedness Day on Septmber 1st.

Disaster Preparedness Day is Japanese national memorial day to prepare for the disaster.
the day commemorates the Great Kanto earthquake which occurred on September 1st in 1923 (12nd year Taisho era).

1. Check room safety
Use some products and anchor bookshelf, cupboard and wardrobe to walls.
Please make sure the furniture in your room first.

2. Item list you should prepare
Drinking water : save enough water for 2 or 3 days that can be preserved a long time.
Provision : save the provision for 2 or 3 days. Please don’t forget to make sure the expiration date.
Terminal such as mobile phone : we need it to get correct information.
Flashlight : save the battery too if you can.
Matches and lighter : check regularly if it still work.
Gloves : we can use them against cold.
Valuables : put some cash in the emergency bag.
Cold protecter and rainwear : it would be nice to have a jackt against cold and rain.

3. Safety confirmation
Our school make sure your safety confirmation in emergency.
Please check our portal site, Instagram and Facebook and get imfomation.
Please answer if you receive call or messages from school.
Also, don’t forget to contact with yoru family in your country. Ask to school anytime if you have any questions.


Respect for the Aged Day is a Japanese holiday that is celebrated annually to honor and show respect to the aged. Respect for the Aged Day is constituted as a natioanl holiday 50 years ago.
There is a saying “When you wish to be filial, your parents are gone.”
Sometimes you might feel shy and it’s difficult to take action even though you understand you need to do it.
Please be devoted to your parents now as mush as you can to avoid to regret later.

Viewing the moon

Otsukimi is an evet of viewing the moon on August 15th on the old calendar and the moon on th day is called “Tyushu no Meigetsu”, “Jugoya” or “Imomeigetsu”. On Otukimi day we offer Dango, Mochi (In China, eat moon cake geppei ), grass trees,dasheen and so on.


  • Grass trees・・・the white pampas grass looks the ear of rice plant and it’s belived to be valid to ward off evil spirits.
  • Tsukimi Dango・・・Round Dango is used to resemble the moon and we offer it to show grateful feeling. We offter 15 Dango on Jugoya. We pile Dango up pyramidally. People belived the top of Dango is a bridgeto the spiritual world.

Please enjoy Otsukimi in Japan !