Gacha Gacha (capsule toys)

`Gacha Gacha` (ガチャガチャ) or `Gachapon` (ガチャポン) are the terms used for capsule toys bought from vending machines commonly found at the arcades, karaoke and at some shops/restaurants.

“There are a lot of different variety available; such as small figures, assembly toys, pins, wrist bands, small bags, car toys, etc.
Normally these Gachas are based of a popular franchise, films or games in Japan with the themes and designs changing on a regular basis.”

“Gachas are very popular in Japan and can be seen in many places as it was mentioned earlier.The price range for each toy is set between ¥200-500 (roughly $1.8-4.5/ £1.4- 3.5) ,most common Gachas will charge ¥300(roughly $2.7/ £2) , ¥500 Gachas are not as common to find and will tend to be bigger in size or have more value behind it.
As much as I like Gachas, getting the one you want or the whole set can be a very long and costly process.
I once spent over ¥2000 (roughly $18/ £14) on a Doraemon set, I managed to get 3 different toys from the first try on each however, the last toy took several tries to acquire it.
I did end up giving the spare ones to other relatives who were fans of the series as well, but does not change the fact that I was obsessed with the idea of collecting them all not able to control myself which is one of my main issues with Gachas.”

Gacha’s popularity has grown over the years, and with the current age being the digital age it is only natural that Gachas enter the digital market too.Many games, apps and other free to play games started to add digital vending machines in their titles for players to unlock special items, characters or elements/features in their games.
This of course is a smart investment since digital Gachas are the same as regular vending machines, constantly feeding off your money to acquire digital items to enhance your character’s ability or for other use.

Of course you have the option to ignore it and not be bothered with Gachas, but to collectors and people that have an interest in toys/games it is challenging to prevent yourself from trying to collect another set or acquire the one you wanted.Of course there are other alternative options collectors.There are many online shops that tends sell them around the same price rane (plus delivery/tax charges).There are also shops in the likes of Akihabara or Nakano Broadway that occasionally will sell the whole set for a reasonable or cheap price, some shops will charge more than double of the original price knowing very well that some people would rather spend more and grantee that they get what they wanted instead of gamble on a vending machine until they acquire the toy.

While I will not encourage people that like to collect sets or have no self control to give Gachas a try, I would still recommend it as a a nice souvenir from Japan, or if you are the type that likes to use objects for a creative photos as some of the photos above.

I personally like to collect different types of Gachas, take photos and try to make the photos tell a story or make them look like a spoof of some sort, but that’s just one of my hobbies.