International Festivals in Japan

There are a variety of international festivals happening in Japan throughout the year, festivals celebrating the different cultures or the relationships between Japan and other countries.Most of these events take part during the weekends, held in most of popular parks such as Yoyogi Park or Hibiya park.These festivals tends to be similar in that they all sell merchandises from their represented countries, offering a variety of different food (with occasionally other countries having a stall too) , having different performances and providing information about their countries and tips for those who plan to visit.

I had the opportunity to attend some of these festivals, and I had a blast enjoying learning about different cultures (despite not actually visiting the countries ).Here are some of the photos I’ve taken to give an idea about the events.

Taiwan Festival: The festival was held in Ueno park in June,

I should note that there are 2 Taiwanese festival over the summer, with the other being held in Yoyogi park a month later.

Thai Festival: Another event held in Yoyogi park around May.

Since it is a bit earlier than most of the other festivals on this list, it doesn’t have the summer vibe as much as the others do.
For me I prefer festivals around May since the humidity is not high and the temperature is still decent making it more suitable to be outdoors.

Brazil Festival: Held in Yoyogi park in July.

I went in both 2017 and 2018, both times the event proved to be very popular with Sundays being the better day to visit (that seems to be the case for most events).
Being held in July have it’s downfall however, when I went in 2017 it was decent weather.
In 2018 however, it was very hot and cold drinks were sold out in many places making it a bit difficult to be outside and enjoy the festival, best be prepared in advance if planning to go in the future.

African/Caribbean Festival: Another event that is held multiple times during the year in separate location and dates, the photos are taken in the one held in Yoyogi.

It was very interesting and by far one of my favorite out of these events.
The reason being the diversity of countries participating in the event since it’s a combination of many different regions of Africa, plus the music was very good.

Hula Festival: This one is smaller than the other festivals on the list, it is held in Ikebukuro over 3 days with the location changing depending on the day.

If planning to participating in the future then make sure to do your research prior to going.

Peruvian Festival: This event is held on the independence day and it i is shared on the same dates as the African festival above in Yoyogi.

The system in here is slightly different, Peru festival you have to buy tickets at the entrance that serve as a vouchers for food, the stalls don’t handle the money they just take the vouchers mentioned.

Indonesian Festival: This one is held in Hibiya Park and it is one of the bigger events with more people participating.

I enjoyed the festival a lot due to the location being different adding a fresh take for me.
Also the food provided was amazing.
I should note that most dishes were more expensive compared to other festivals.
Also for those who want to drink alcohol, this event offers less brands/ options with most costing more than average.


This includes my experience in attending international festivals in Tokyo.
Hope you found this helpful and gave you an idea on what to expect if you plan to participate in the future.