Lunch at Ootoya

Ootoya is a traditional home-style chain restaurant that offers many different dishes from Japanese cuisine.

Ootoya comes highly recommended for people who are living in Japan or planning to visit Japan in the near future. What I like about the popular chain is how the menu and in some store locations the venue captures a Japanese image, while many of the store locations opted for a modern decoration, the menu and dishes/plates used still maintain a Japanese traditional vibe to them.
Of course atmosphere isn’t everything when it comes to enjoying a meal out, taste and price play an important factor too when deciding where to eat.Dining Out in Tokyo is quite affordable; for example, the restaurant called OTOYA offers meals starting from 500 JPY (≒ 3.5£).As for the flavor, the the chain offers a variety of dishes on the menu that uses different sauces, seasoning, etc and from all the dishes that I got to try were really good.

To share my experience with the readers I have uploaded a photo of what I had for lunch (Udon, steamed vegetables with sauce on the side and Pumpkin croquet). The food as you can see from the photo is simple yet amazing, the portion was more than enough to keep me going and it all come down to ¥1200 ( about £8 in today’s rate ).

While the restaurants are great and I absolutely love the food and highly recommend it, I do have few things that I want to point out.

First of all we have language barrier: Both branches that I’ve been to did indeed have few international stuff members capable of speaking in other language.However, the menus were all in Japanese and they use mostly kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese written language) that are a bit advanced for my current level. This of course causes no issues for those who are familier with the language.Menus do have images of each dish making it a bit easier for most, but might be an issue to some who are on a strict diet or have allergies.

The other small issue is, due to the popularity of the restaurant you might have to wait for a long period, especially during peak hours therefore, try to plan the meal out wisely. Another minor point is that most of their shops are small and can’t host big parties, so keep that in mind if planning to go with a large group.

With that I conclude my experience and thoughts about Ootoya, I hope if you’re reading this you’ll find it useful.