We’re Making Available Online Activities.

At ISI Japanese Language School, we are making available online activities which enrolled students can participate in from home amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.
We are planning programs for learning Japanese culture and history, introducing food, and communicating in real-time with students from all around the world.

Kyoto campus conducted an online cooking class, an online tour around Kyoto, and an online ‘Rakugo’ performance.During the cooking class, students learned how to make Oyako don ( chicken and egg on rice) with the recipe sent to parcipants beforehand and the chef’s cooking demonstration.
Students followed the chef’s instructions, cracking an egg with one hand and breaking the egg according to the chef’s cooking tips. A student participant stated that this online program was no different from a face-to-face cooking class.
A Q&A session including a quiz about the chef’s cooking and a discussion about dishes participants would like to cook next time helped them enthusiastically enjoy the event!
A participant said that “I will definitely cook Oyako don as today’s dinner!”. Other teachers and staff who participated were also very satisfied with this cooking class. As we all expected, he was a great chef!
The chef who conducted the online cooking class this time was one of the eight Japanese finalists of a vegan and organic dish contest. If he wins the national finals scheduled in September, he will then compete on a world level.
Next time in cooking class, we will be learning how to cook a menu requested by students.

Cooking instructor: [IMUHOTEL]

During the online Kyoto tour held on a different day, the villages and spots to visit in Tokyo were introduced. Thanks to the attendance of a long-time Kyoto hotel employee who knows Kyoto very well, we could learn about “power spots” in Kyoto that are unknown to most tourists, the history behind it, and hear other interesting stories.
A Kyoto campus participant stated, “Let’s go there next time!” Another student from Tokyo answered, “I will for sure visit those places when I go to Kyoto!”
Because students from different regions participated, the Q&A session included enthusiastic discussions between schools and wrapped up without any issues.

Seimei Shrine and Kitano tenmangu

Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Gion

During the “Rakugo” class held as a part of our online activities, Nagano students also participated.
After an introduction about Rakugo’s history or terms by a teacher at the Kyoto campus, the Rakugo performance everyone had been waiting for began. The title of this Rakugo was “Okidoro.” It is about a carpenter who is living in a house that is being robbed by the thief. Feeling sorry for the carpenter’s sad life, the thief ends up giving away his money instead. Listening to the thief and carpenter’s conversations put a smile on the audience’s faces without them noticing.
In Rakugo, Japan’s traditional comedy, punch line is essential. Viewing the performance while anticipating the punch line makes it more fun.

Rakugo Demonstration: Mr. Horiya [Kabutoyama Rakugo Study Group]

[Thoughts from Participants]

・The Oyako don was very fun and easy to make. Therefore, I am glad that I participated. However, I wish we could have taken photos.
・I joined the Seimei Shrine and Kitanotenmangu tour. I have been to this shrine before, but the accompanied history explanations made it fun.  I could learn a lot of different fun facts. I took photos as well.
・The facial expression of Rakugo was so fun! I’m glad that I participated this time.

[Onlined Activities Planned for the Future]

~Composition Class~
We will be able to take a lecture about music composition using a machine(PC) from a composition instructor from outside the school.

~Character Design Class~
We will learn how to draw with a professional instructor. The class will be enjoyable, even for those who are beginners. An exhibition at school is in the works.

~Cooking Class No. 2~  Cooking instructor: [IMUHOTEL]
The chef who taught us how to make Oyako don at the first online cooking class returns with another menu requested by students.

~Kabuki Class~
We will learn about Kabuki by watching a DVD of the Kabuki performed at the Kyoto Minamiza theatre.

Please look forward to it!