Itabashi Fireworks Festival

Last weekend (4th-5th August) there were a number of events happening in Japan.

Events such as fireworks in Edogawa, Lantern Festival in Sendagaya, Sri-Lankan festival in Yoyogi, etc.

I decided to skip out on most of these events and I only went to the one held in Itabashi.
Itabashi Fireworks Festival was held close by to where I live, while I had plans to head to the park where the fireworks took place, I realized as I was on my way on the day that I could view it from the comfort of my home (which was convenient for me).

I had the luxury of enjoying the fireworks from the roof of where I live, which felt like having my own private show.

I did record parts of it and took photos too, but not all the photos came out as clear or good as I had hoped.
Here are some of the photos that I took.

I didn’t have enough time to properly edit them and get the most of it, but I still feel proud of the photos I took, and I enjoyed filming and taking photos at my own pace.

Still I did managed to have a relaxing evening watching the fireworks from the roof of my building.Although I was on my own, I didn’t feel alone for some reason. Perhaps it was because of people who lived nearby were doing the same and we sort of acknowledged how lucky we were avoiding the crowd and enjoying the view from our own comfort zone.

Here’s a link to the video that I took.

Hope you enjoyed my work.