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The second ISI International Friendship Party was held online.

On Saturday, June 6, the second ISI International Friendship Party (IFP for short) was held!

This time, students from all around the world who are enrolled in the ISI group, and newbies who could not enter Japan in April due to novel coronavirus participated from their home countries. It was an international exchange event unique to the ISI group.

Participants were from various countries such as the United States, France, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Mexico. Participants socialized with other students in Japanese, English, and other languages.
At the end of the event, participants exchanged social media accounts, making the online event “a social exchange connecting people across the world, across borders! “

The participant from France stated “ I can’t wait to go Japan and talk to the students who I met at the event again! I’m really looking forward to studying abroad in Japan! “
Although it was the evening in Mexico due to the time difference, the student from Mexico enjoyed the event and mentioned that she hopes to interact with other students more.

More over, at this event, Japanese students and international students acted as a bridge between Japan and other countries by managing the themed events just like they did at the previous event. Student staff also presented an enthusiastic attitude for future events, stating that “the participants were very friendly, so I wished there was more time for social exchange! “

Participants’ satisfaction survey returned a result of 100% satisfaction thanks to the preparation and hard work of the students who took on the role.

The ISI group will continue to keep doing our best to creatively realize opportunities for “social exchanges across borders and international exchange.”
Each and every staff of the ISI group hopes to meet you guys again next time.


ISI’s attending students organized the ’Omotenashi international exchange programs by theme.’