Off to Kawagoe!

Kawagoe is a town in Saitama about 30 minutes away from central Tokyo.

It was an important trade town back in the Edo Period, and is still known by its nickname “Little Edo” today.
It’s a popular destination for a day trip from Tokyo, and contains plenty of sights to fill the day.

When people think of Kawagoe, they usually think of the warehouse district.

This part of the town is full of old buildings well over 300 years old, including a large bell tower, whisking you back to the Edo Period.
The Time Bell Tower’s bell rings four times a day, so if you’re lucky you’ll get to hear it.
Close to the warehouse district is a special shopping area dedicated to old-fashioned sweets.
You can try out all kinds of desserts made from azuki bean paste and sweet potatoes, alongside rice crackers and ice cream.
See if you can spot some cheap sweets for less than 100 yen each.

Kitain Temple is a must-see attraction.


The temple contains buildings from Edo Castle, and they’re the only surviving parts of the castle after it was destroyed by the Great Tokyo Earthquake and World War Two.
The temple also features 540 stone statues, which all have their own unique facial expression.
If you’re lucky enough to be in Tokyo around late October, then you might be able to see the Kawagoe Festival, which includes intricately decorated floats.
But for everyone else, you can see some of the floats on display at the local Kawagoe Festival Museum.

Kawagoe actually has three train stations, giving easy access no matter which direction you’re coming from.
Kawagoe Station is served by both JR and Tobu Railways, while Hon-Kawagoe Station houses Seibu Railway.
You can walk between the stations, or take the bus if you feel a bit lazy.
There’s a discount pass available to overseas tourists travelling by Tobu rail that lets you go to Kawagoe and back for only 700 yen, saving you about 200 yen.
Well worth a trip!