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We are going to hold a Second Edition of [ ISI International Friendship Party ] on June 6th!

The ISI Group regularly holds the “ISI International Friendship Party”, an international experience exchange event for both international students enrolled in ISI Japanese Language School and Japanese students enrolled in ISI Group schools.
On May 22nd, we held a special “ISI International Friendship Party (Online Event)” for April students who could not enter Japan due to the novel coronavirus.
This time, we will expand the number of participants to the students at all ISI Group Schools and hold the “ISI International Friendship Party (Online Event)”.
This is an event where ISI group students can interact freely and talk about various topics. It will be a great opportunity to make friends before coming to Japan, interact with students from other schools in the ISI group and for Japanese and foreign students to exchange internationally using both Japanese and English. Make more friends across borders at online events! Please feel free to join us.We look forward to your participation.

Date and Time:June 6th (Sat)  (1 time 50 minutes)

  1. 10:00‐11:00 (Room opens at 09:50)
  2. 11:00‐12:00 (Room opens at 10:50)
  3. 13:00‐14:00 (Room opens at 12:50)
  4. 14:00‐15:00 (Room opens at 13:50)
  5. 15:00‐16:00 (Room opens at 14:50)
  6. 16:00‐17:00 (Room opens at 15:50)
  7. 17:00‐18:00 (Room opens at 16:50)

※The schedule above is in Japan time.
※You can participate at your desired time.

Participation Method:Through ZOOM
Please enter using the ZOOM ID of each room.

Capacity:All the participants

Note:For smooth online international exchange, please check the contents below before participating.

・We may upload the state of the event or a commemorative photo (screen capture) after the event to SNS. Please be aware of
  this before participating. If you do not want to be in a picture, turn off the screen when shooting.
・Only those who turn on the video can participate in the event.
・Only those who enter the room at the time of the beginning can join the room during that time slot.
・Please note that if the number of participants exceeds the ZOOM entry limit, you may not be able to enter the room.

Participation Method:
Please enter the room 10 minutes before the event starts using the desired ZOOM ID.

・ID:824 774 5080
OMOTENASHI Plan is a project that Japanese high school students carry out for international students.
Please refer to the introduction of each room
10:00-11:00 ⇒ 1001 /1002 / 1003
11:00-12:00 ⇒ 1101
13:00-14:00 ⇒ 1301 / 1302
14:00-15:00 ⇒ 1401 / 1402
15:00-16:00 ⇒ 1501 / 1502
16:00-17:00 ⇒ 1602 / 1603
17:00-18:00 ⇒ 1701 / 1702 / 1703
International Exchange in Japanese
・ID:907 594 9367
Free talk in Japanese
10:00-11:00 ⇒ 1005
11:00-12:00 ⇒ 1105
13:00-14:00 ⇒ 1305
14:00-15:00 ⇒ 1405
15:00-16:00 ⇒ 1505
16:00-17:00 ⇒ 1605
17:00-18:00 ⇒ 1705
International Exchange in English
・ID:296 333 5418
Free talk in English
10:00-11:00 ⇒ 1006
11:00-12:00 ⇒ 1106
13:00-14:00 ⇒ 1306
14:00-15:00 ⇒ 1406
15:00-16:00 ⇒ 1506
16:00-17:00 ⇒ 1606
17:00-18:00 ⇒ 1706


Room introduction and OMOTENASHI Plan

① SAMURAI Culture

I would like to briefly introduce the Japanese SAMURAI culture. After that, we will have a free talk about the SAMURAI experience with the participants.
・Room ID:1101・1501
・Language:Japanese and English

② Japanese School Life

Free talk about Japanese school life seen in Anime or Manga
・Room ID:1001・1701
・Language: English

③ Consultation room about life in Japan

We will answer questions and concerns about studying in Japan through Q & A. In addition to study abroad, questions about life and tourism are also welcome!
・Room ID:1301
・Language:Japanese and English

④ Recommended Japanese sweets!

Introducing Japanese sweets and popular sweets in Japan. Please tell us about the popular sweets in your country as well.
・Room ID:1402・1502・1702
・Language:Japanese and English (7:3)

⑤ Japanese Culture

Learn Japanese with Japanese high school students. I will also read story books aloud.
・Room ID:1401
・Language:Japanese and English

⑥ Anime and Games

Let’s do「Nashiko」and Otakatsu (Otaku Activities) while studying Chinese!
1.How do you say『Demon Slayer』in your own language?
2.Let’s play a game『Identity V 第五人格』 (I am a beginner)
・Room ID:1003
・Language:Japanese and Chinese(Beginner)
・Note: We will record a video of the screen and upload it to SNS, so please agree to that before participating

⑦ Multicultural coexistence

We will talk about Japanese high school students who have a lot of overseas experience and multicultural coexistence. Please tell us your thoughts about it!
・Room ID:1002
・Language:English and Japanese

⑧ Free talk about Japanese food

We will talk about Japanese food with music, sports, street performing and high school students’ hobbies. You can find your favorite Japanese food here.
・Room ID:1603・1703
・Language:English and Japanese

⑨Fun Facts about Japanese

We will talk about “Fun facts about Japanese” together with two girls who love travelling and stories!
・Room ID:1302・1602
・Language:English and Japanese