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We held ISI International Friendship Party (Online Event).

On Friday, May 22nd, the International Friendship Party was held online to welcome students across borders.

Japanese students of the ISI group, Japanese high school students, and even new students who could not enter Japan in April due to the novel coronavirus participated. In total, about 200 people participated in the event.

On that day, discussions on 16 themes such as the samurai culture, Disney Talk, Japanese culture, environmental issues, Demon-Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, traveling around the world, Ghibli films, Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, Netflix, and the attractions of Vietnam were held with the help of ISI’s attending students acting as hosts.

The international student who played the host was responsible for the Ghibli section; she discussed Ghibli studio films with participants in their languages and got to know them better.The host also mentioned that she wants to introduce international students’ application process into Japanese universities, give tips on how to make Japanese friends at a Japanese university, and recommend part-time jobs for international students next time.

Moreover, the international student in charge of the Harry Potter section discussed the world of Harry Potter with participants. Together they discussed not only Harry Potter films and books, but also its magic and magic in Japan, as well as Japanese magic schools.It seems participants participated enthusiastically and enjoyed the event.

While there were limitations due to the event being held via online, it was a meadningful opportunity to share cultures; participants discussed a variety of topics including different Disneylands of the world, photos of memorable trips and travel plans for after the coronavirus pandemic ends, and some host introduced samurai culture by demonstrating martial arts in front of the camera.

Next time, we will invite ISI group students who are already in Japan and liven up this “ISI International Friendship Party” online together.
We hope to meet you guys again at the next event.