Meiji Jingu (Shrine)

Meiji Shrine was originally built in 1920s to symbolizes the change in the period and in honour of the first lord in the Meiji era.

The shrine was destroyed by fire during the second world war but was rebuilt again in 1950s.
The shrine is located near the ever so popular fashion street “Harajuku” and can be accessed from Yoyogi as well since both areas are connected through the park.

One of the most amusing things about the shrine is the fact that despite it being in the middle of one of the most modern and industrial cities in the world (Tokyo) it somewhat feels as if it is disconnected from Tokyo and completely separate from the city.

Since it is in the middle of huge park, It is very green and feels more as if you are in the middle of a forest more so than in the middle of a park.

Meiji Jingu attracts many people from all over the world.
Despite having been in Japan for over a year, I only went there recently with a friend whom came to visit Japan for the very first time.The shrine itself is not huge or that different from others that I’ve been, and it doesn’t have long history either history in comparison to others.
However, I will have to say that it does have it’s own vibe, as soon as we stepped in, it felt as if we were in a different part of the city and it had a very nice atmosphere to it that makes one feel more relaxed and away from the stressful busy city life style.

Here are few photos I managed to take when I went to visit.

I hope this somewhat gives you an idea and inspires you to visit the shrine, since it is for free and close by popular areas such as Harajuku and Shibuya. I highly recommend going to Meiji Jingu at least once while in Tokyo.