Summer in Japan

Photo taken near Sumidagawa river.

Summer is a season beloved by many people.When thinking of summer many people think of summer holidays, beach, travelling, having BBQ in the park, playing sports with mates, etc.

Summer in Japan is all of this plus much more. It is true that for most employees in Japan (especially Tokyo) summer holiday is way shorter than anyone wants it to be.Despite this summer remains to be full of joy and plenty of events that it makes it enjoyable even with a short holiday.

Before I start mentioning things that you can/should do during the summer, I’d like to give a fair warning about this beloved season.

During summer in Japan, the heat and humidity become unbearable even for those coming from warm countries such as Middle East, Africa and other regions.Temperature ranging between 25-40 degrees Celsius, from mid July until mid August being the warmest period. The main issue lies with humidity that is 60% and above throughout most of the season.Another issue is that typhoons are frequent during summer so be prepared. I should also note that June is rainy season and as such it rains almost everyday.

With that out of the way, lets move on to summer highlights.

Summer have many things going on, festivals happening on a regular basis.International events such as ones representing other countries to festivals that are more abut Japanese culture, tradition or historical/religious festival.Another popular events held in Japan during summer is fire works. many people visit different places to enjoy fireworks (hanabi 花火) with most come dressed in yukatas (traditional dress) and will have picnics as they enjoy the fireworks.

There are also a variety of concerts, summer events, beer gardens and BBQ events that are happening on a regular basis in japan throughout summer.These events are held during both weekdays and weekends, some are cheaper than others and since there are few that have limited space, there is no need to buy tickets in advance.I should also note that during this season Japanese locals will always recommend:

Climbing Mt. Fuji since it is the only period that you could climb to the top.

Visiting Hokkaido (North part of Japan) Hokkaido tends to be cold and often snows most of the seasons, making summer the only time that you can enjoy Hokkaido without the cold weather (potential snow).Lastly we have Okinawa, famous for it’s beautiful beach, different cuisines, using words that Japanese people outside of Kyushu struggle to understand and could be classified as having it’s own culture that is slightly different from the rest of Japan.

While I’ve yet to visit the aforementioned places recommended, I do hope to visit these places one day during the most suitable season.

I do enjoy the variety of different events and festivals available.

Seeing people participate in festivals while dressed in traditional cloths and enjoying special food/dishes only available during summer. I will admit that Summer is my least favorite season due to the unbearable humidity.If you do plan to come to Japan during summer, make sure to stay hydrated regularly and constantly check the weather forecast in case there’s a typhoon coming.