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【Update】Announcement: Cancellation of the Evening Course (July Intake) / ISI Summer Course 2020

We would like to update the information provided on April 1st and 2nd, 2020.
・Cancellation of the Evening Course(July 2020 Intake)
・Cancellation of ISI Summer Course, JLPT Specialized Intensive Course
・Cancellation of the Short-Term Practical Japanese Course(Kyoto Campus) July 2020 intake.

This letter is to inform you the cancellation of the Evening Course, July term, which was expected to be offered from July 9th, 2020. This decision was made due to the current situation of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Tokyo.

In addition, The Short-Term Practical Japanese Course (Kyoto Campus) offered from July 13th, and ISI Summer Course 2020 / The JLPT Specialized Intensive Course offered from August 11th are also cancelled due to the same reason above.We sincerely apologize to all those who are looking forward to the start of the courses and those who are considering applying.

The Evening Course will be canceled in the July term, and we will inform you about the courses starting from the October term as soon as the detailed schedule is decided.In addition, We are opening with regard to Short-Term Standard Course, July intake, that does not involve the activity such as going out.If you are still interested in studying in the Evening Course (from October) or Japanese language with ISI, then we are very happy to provide other options for you. Kindly contact us through the internet, phone, or visiting our head office directly.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and earnestly hope that you will kindly understand the situation.