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April Intake Campus Measures 【UPDATE on April 10th】

We would like to update the information provided on April 9th, 2020.
◆Update:Campus offering the Online Lessons
[Previous]Tokyo-Takadanobaba ・ Tokyo-Ikebukuro ・ Kyoto
[The Latest]Tokyo-Takadanobaba ・ Tokyo-Ikebukuro ・ Kyoto ・ Nagano

On 1st April, government of Japan announced that Tokyo is subjected to one of the alerted areas regarding the spread of COVID-19. Specific public schools in Japan are requested to be closed until early May. Also, the same measures are taken under the Kyoto Prefectural Office.
On 8th April, Ueda City, Nagano, also decided to close down the public schools due to the spread of COVID-19.

We, ISI Japanese Language School consider that we are responsible to put our students’ health and safety as our highest priority, with our lessons and services to be kept provided. Regarding this matter, we announce that we will offer online lessons from April in our all the campuses. Teachers in each class will conduct an online live lesson, they will take attendance, check homework, and health updates for each students. For your daily support including your career advices, teachers and support officers will consult with you by phone calls and emails.

At Tokyo, and Kyoto, online lessons will be offered until we could confirm your safety. At Nagano, we are expecting to offer the regular lessons on campus from 7th May (Thursday) on condition that the situation in Ueda City gets better. For the classes that were canceled on March regarding this matter, we have to reschedule the make-up sessions that was to be held in April. ISI will inform you as soon as the new arrangement will be made.

We will try our best to make the students’ stay in Japan as comfortable as we can, so hope you understand the situation.

・Tokyo–Takadanobaba Campus(ISI Language School)

・Tokyo-Ikebukuro Campus(ISI Language College)

・Kyoto Campus (ISI Language School, Kyoto)

9th April (Thurs.) Registration day *The schedule is as follows.
・Register Student forms
・Receive Textbooks
・Orientation about Student Handbook 2020
・Receive Textbooks
・Receive online lesson manuals
・Be informed about class ID you will use for Zoom online lessons
10th April (Fri.) Preparation for Online Lesson at Home (using the online service “Zoom”)
13th April (Mon.) Online Lessons Begins


  • Nagano Campus(Nagano Business and Language College)

Class Starting Date:8th April (Wed.)
10th April (Fri.): Temporary Closure
15th April (Wed.): Online Lesson Begins
7th May (Thurs.): Resume On Campus Lesson
The schedule is subject to change considering the situation of the COVID-19.