April Intake Campus Measures

On 1st April, government of Japan announced that Tokyo is subjected to one of the alerted areas regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Specific public schools such as high schools in Tokyo, are requested to be closed until beginning of May. Also schools in Kyoto are now requested to be closed until beginning of May for the same reason.

We, ISI Japanese Language School consider that we are responsible to put our students’ health and safety as our highest priority, with our lessons and services to be kept provided. Regarding this matter, we would like to announce that we will offer online lessons from April in our 3 campuses in Tokyo and Kyoto. Teachers in each class will conduct an online live lesson, they will take attendance, check homework, and health updates for each student. For student’s daily support including their career advices, teachers and career staffs will consult by phone calls and emails.

Online services will be offered in 3 campuses in Tokyo and Kyoto until we could confirm their safety. For the classes that were cancelled in March regarding this situation, we will arrange makeup lessons soon so we will inform more details once we arranged it.

We will make every effort to provide a wonderful supportive life for studying abroad in Japan. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Tokyo–Takadanobaba Campus(ISI Language School)Tokyo-Ikebukuro Campus(ISI Language College)
Kyoto Campus (ISI Language School, Kyoto)

9th April (Thursday) School day *You will have school for below on this day.

  • Register Student forms
  • Receive Textbooks
  • Orientation about Student Handbook 2020
  • Receive online lesson manuals
  • Be informed about class ID you will use for Zoom online lessons

10th April (Friday) Set up for online lessons

  • Please make sure of the use of Zoom at home.

13th April (Monday) Online lessons start


Nagano Campus (Nagano business and language college)

Nagano campus will prepare for the lessons at school following government guidelines regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Class starting date: Nagano Campus:8th April (Wednesday)

  • Nagano Campus will offer makeup lessons on Saturdays and Sundays for those who request to join. You can be informed about makeup lessons on school portal system.
  • All activities planned in April are cancelled.


【Health Management】

  1. Please make sure to wash your hands, gargle, and follow cough etiquette
  2. Please wear a mask as possible as you can.
    We understand that lack of stock of masks in stores. Reusable masks are convenient, we appreciate your efficiency.
  3. Please make sure to check your body temperature every morning and note them. Also, please make sure to rest home in case you have a fever over 37.5 degrees, coughs and other symptoms for sickness.
  4. Please come to school information desk in case you couldn’t check your body temperature at home, you will be able to check at school as well.
  5. Please come to school with warm clothes, since we open window for fresh air if needed. Also, we appreciate your understanding for noises you might hear from the classrooms next to you.


【Food and Drinks at school】

  1. School café will provide wrapped food only.
  2. Eating and drinking in classrooms is prohibited. Please make sure to keep distance from people around you when you use school café/lounge, also when you smoke.


【Going Abroad】

  1. Please report your record of traveling abroad during spring break in March to school if you haven’t.
  2. You cannot come to school for 14 days after arriving in Japan for a self-quarantine if you have visited countries/areas that is subjected by government of Japan. Please come and report to school with your passport after 14 days, so that we do not count it as absence. School might give you some assignments during the term.
  3. Please make sure to inform school beforehand, if you travel abroad for emergency from April


【School Measures For Suspects Of the novel coronavirus】

In case we found any suspects of the coronavirus in school including students and teachers, we will conduct with healthcare center well to close schools and take necessary measures.

  1. School prohibits students who have may be infected of the coronavirus to come to school according to School Health and Safety Act 19.
  2. In case you are a suspect to be infected by the coronavirus from your roommates/colleagues, you would have to stay home for 2 weeks counted from the day of meeting the coronavirus holder.
  3. School will consider closing classes in case we found multiple suspects, after consulting healthcare center.
  4. In case a teacher is infected by the coronavirus, we will consult with healthcare center and consider closing classes, or school if necessary.
  5. In case a teacher is a suspect of having the coronavirus, they will have to stay at home until the suspect is cleared.


【School Measures For Closing School】

  1. In case Nagano is subjected to one of the alerted areas regarding the spread of the coronavirus, Nagano campus will be closed.
  2. For the emergency case as above, we are preparing online lessons you can take from home.