Measures against the novel coronavirus

According to the request from the Prime Minister of the Japanese Government from the Novel Corona virus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters issued on February 27th, to close all elementary, middle, high and special support schools nationwide, ISI Japanese School Group has also decided to suspend all educational activities in its campuses until March 19th, as a measure to prevent the spread of the infection among its students and staff, and to protect their health. Also, for other events the following has been decided.

●School Close-down period
・Takadanobaba campus (ISI Language School) Ikebukuro campus (ISI Language College):
March 2 (Mon) to March 19 (Thu);
・Kyoto campus (ISI Language School Kyoto):
March 2 (Mon) to March 19(Thu);
・Nagano campus (Nagano Business and Language College):
March 9 (Mon) to March 19 (Thu)

●The graduation ceremony, as well as the enrollment ceremony which was scheduled in April, will not be held.

●About the April students acceptance (excluding students coming from China, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea)
・Dormitory Entry Date: any time after March 31 (Tue).
・Airport pick-up service(for designated dormitary entrance dates):March 31 (Tue), April 1 (Wed)
・New Students Registration:
1) April 3 (Fri) 10 am ~3 pm: for those who came to Japan before April 2.
2) April 7 (Tue) 10 am ~3 pm: for those who came to Japan from April 3 to April 6.

New Students Registration Day
It will be held separately on April 3 and April 7 during the Registration Day. (Group orientation will not be conducted)

・Class start date in April
Tokyo Takadanobaba and Tokyo Ikebukuro Campuses: April 9th (Thu) *Evening Course will start at Takadanobaba Campus -New building- from April 9th, 18:00.
Nagano Campus: April 8th (Wed)
The class start date may be a subject to change depending on the future situation. Detailed information will be provided on the registration day.

During the holidays, students have the assignments they are supposed to do at home and submit to school. In addition, the online class service will be launched soon, providing the environment where students can continue studying at home.

From March 9, the Japanese government has requested that the restrictions on entry from China and South Korea will be strengthened, visa issued in both countries be revoked, and a 14-day waiting period for visitors from both countries will be issued. For students from China (including Hong Kong and Macau) and South Korea, as soon as the novel coronavirus measures will be releases, the government will re-issue the visas and ISI will oficcially inform you the admission dates.

We will take measures in view of the risk of transmission of the novel coronavirus, so we are asking for your understanding. Information about the novel coronavirus changes daily, and because of that the dates and time might be changing too. The latest information is available on SNS, School Web site, and also school portal and e-mail.

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