“ISI Global Fair” (February Edition)

The “ISI Global Fair” was held on February 9 (Sun).
The main theme of the event was “encouraging Japanese people to take their first step as global professionals, and about 100 Japanese high school students came to the party.
Students, studying at ISI Group, were participating at our biggest event in Japan too. We are all trying to make more possibilities for cultural and language exchange.

~Main events outline~
【Cultural Exchange】
“ISI International Friendship Party”
Meetup with students who have studied abroad
International meeting in English
Cultural exchange with students from Asian countries
Travel×World Real×SDGs
Global Era “Saizensen”
What do you need to work for an international organization (Lecture by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
【Language Studies】
English conversation class
Introduction to a second foreign language (Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Russian, Vietnamese)
【”Let’s teach Japanese!” (Japanese high school students taught Japanese to ISI international students)】

The day was full of various international education events, such as international exchange, language lessons, global career lectures, and Japanese teacher experience.
ISI students were also involved in planning and operation of our “ISI Global Fair”, and held the “ISI International Friend ship Party”. Japanese high school students and multinational students enjoyed games together, and the participants were full of smiles and enthusiasm.
Many students said that they really enjoyed the fact that they could interact with people their age. All these events have been a great opportunity for participants to make international friends.
ISI regularly organizes events, including the “International Friend ship Party”, to provide opportunities for students to get acquainted with the new environment in Japan and to make many new friends.

The next “ISI Global Fair” will be held on April 26 (Sun).
We are looking forward to your participation!

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