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The application for the “Specified Skilled Workers-Job Seeking Support Programme” at ISI Nagano Campus (Nagano Business and Language College) is now open!

Starting from October 2020, ISI, will be providing a comprehensive support programme at its Vocational School “ISI Nagano” to all the foreign students studying at the same campus, who are seeking employment in the Country under the so called “Specified Skilled Workers System”. The aim of the programme is to help them acquire the Specified Skilled Workers Visa.

The goal of the programme is to facilitate the training and employment of foreign workers by Japanese companies, as their number is expected to rise sharply in the future, following the implementation of the Specified Skilled Workers System and the revision of the immigration law in April 2019.

In order to make it easier for foreign workers to find permanent and regular employment in Japan, the Japanese government has introduced the “Specified Skilled Workers System”, as the number of foreign nationals residing in the country has reached almost 3 million people. Hope is that it will further boost the influx of foreign workers to Japan and help tackle labour shortage.

As the number of tourists visiting Nagano Prefecture has been increasing steadily in recent years, so has the demand for foreign workers in the tourism sector. Companies, however, are struggling to attract them; and even those who are willing to work in the tourism industry often see their visa application rejected by the Immigration Bureau, or have other problems that prevent companies from hiring them.In order to obtain the “Specified Skilled Workers” visa, applicants must take and pass two different examinations: a Japanese Proficiency Test, and a specialized test, whose content varies depending on the sector the applicants wish to work in.
Since the tests are very difficult for people who study by themselves, there has been a significant gap between the target of 340.000 visas set by the government and the number of applicants who actually managed to pass.

The type of support offered by this programme will be twofold: while helping the students to improve their Japanese level in order to meet the linguistic requirements to apply for the Visa, ISI will also provide specialized guidance to assist them in their job search and with the visa application procedure. All services provided by ISI NBL will either be free or offered at a very convenient price.

【Specified Skilled Workers-Job Seeking Support Programme (Main features)】

  • Intensive course about the “Specified Skilled Workers” visa
  • Guidance and drills for the “Specified Skilled Workers” exams
  • Job hunting guidance to give students better chances of finding employment in Japan
  • Individual career guidance
  • Internships
  • Guidance sessions conducted by companies directly at NBL campuses
  • Company introduction and matching service
  • Preparatory tutoring for the “Specified Skilled Workers” examination
  • Assistance in obtaining the “Specified Skilled Workers” visa

Since its foundation in 1977 in Ueda (Nagano Prefecture), ISI has made its mission to foster the cooperation between school and industry in order to make a concrete contribution to local development in the region.This programme has been implemented with the intention of reviving local areas and tackling labour shortage, by making it easier to hire foreign workers, as companies are struggling to attract new employees.

Restoration and hospitality are expected to be the sectors that will benefit the most from this programme.

*1: Ministry of Justice, “Preliminary Figures on the Number of Foreign Residents in Japan in June 2019”