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[SCHOOL LIFE]Activities Report (April-July 2018)

From April to July 2018 we have offered various activities related to the four seasons in Japan, culture, sightseeing and architecture. We have also held seminars and briefing sessions for those students who are aiming to get into higher education or find employment in Japan so they could obtain the latest information. More activities are planned from now on.

Traditional Japanese Dancing

Our students from Takadanobaba Campus got the opportunity to dress up in kimono (Japanese traditional dress wear) and learned how to dance Japanese dances often enjoyed during ceremonies and festivals.

Shinjuku Gyoen Park

The students from Takadanobaba Campus went with their teachers to Shinjuku Gyoen Park to enjoy a nice stroll around the park while admiring different flowers and trees that blossomed during spring.

Perfect Attendance Awards

This award was presented to the students from each campus that have been enrolled since April 2017 and have achieved perfect attendance rate for a year, with no absence nor late arrivals.

Career Guidance

There was a seminar for our students in Tokyo who are planning to enter university or vocational school after graduation from our Japanese language school, helping those students who have not decided yet on what to do in the future. By attending this seminar we hope that our students were able to find a new dream to come true!

Museums in Odaiba

Our Takadanobaba Campus’ students went to Odaiba to vist three different museums (Science Museum, Madame Tussauds and Tokyo Trick Art Labyrinth). After a boat ride from Sumidagwa to Odaiba, the students were split into groups to take a tour within the different museums and given the chance to explore them by themselves.

Yomiuri Land Theme Park

Takadanobaba Campus’ students got to enjoy many rides and a swimming area on a day trip to Yomiuri Land!

Suntory Musashino Brewery

Ikebukuro Campus’ students were taken to Suntory Musashino Brewery. They were able to witness the beer making process. After they had a tour and explanations about how they made beer, they had the opportunity to try different types of beers made to add more to the experience.

Conversation Class Presentation

Students from the Practical Conversation Elective Class presented their experience at the fieldtrip to Shimokitazawa, where they learnt about other cultures and made new friends. During the presentation, they got the chance to share their oral skills improvement since they joined the class.

Job Finding Class Presentation

Our students from Job Finding Elective Class had the chance to learn about Japanese working environment and practiced job interviews, as well as writing resumes and cover letters. At the end of the class, students gave a presentation in groups about what they have learnt so far.

Academic Guidance

Those who want to enrol in higher education after graduating from our Japanese language school received academic counselling. Guidance of Future Career Path was held for students who are going to apply for higher education after Japanese language school. The guidance has explained the Schedule Diary distributed on April as well as future schedule, providing more details about the system in Japan and insuring that students are well prepared once they graduate from the language school.

Welcome Party

Welcome to ISI! This is where you start the new life journey in Japan. You can experience intercultural exchange while playing games and introducing yourself with future friends from all over the world who are studying together at ISI!


7TH Evening or Star Festival as it is referred sometimes, is a festival that originally came from China. The festival’s date changes depending on the region, the origin of the festival is that celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi who were separated by the Milky Way and can only meet once a year on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. Present day customs is to celebrate the day by writing your wishes on a paper and hang it on a tree. Students wrote their wishes and it was shared at the main reception.

Tokyo Art aquarium

Students from our Takadanobaba Campus visited Tokyo Art Aquarium. This aquarium offers different themes and from July until September it was about the different types of goldfish. All the lights and effects made this a very enjoyable day for our students!

Bon Odori (Oban) & Yukata day

Bon Odori is a traditional summer festival in Japan where they honor their ancestors who have passed on, remember and appreciate all they have done, and celebrate their ongoing presence in the Japanese’s lives. It is customary to dress in yukata, so some of our students and teachers dressed them for a chance to learn about the Japanese tradition. Furthermore, some of the students tried dancing the traditional dance for these festivities.

NHK Studio Park

Our Ikebukuro Campus’ students visited NHK Studio Park, where they learnt the procedures for news casting, weather report and even about those behind the cameras and the teleprompter. They had also the chance to present news in Japanese to their classmates and teachers to be able to enjoy the realism of the experience!

National Museum of Nature & Science

Our students from Ikebukuro Campus visited the biggest museum in Japan, were they had the chance to learn about different aspects of nature and science, take photos and explore the museum.

Hello Work Employment Guidance

In order to start their job hunting path in Japan, we took our students to the Hello Work office, an employment agency, in Shinjuku. This way, students were able to present their resumes and cover letters and register with them.