April 2017 Awarded Students Announcement

The Perfect Attendance Award Ceremony was held at each campus from the ISI Group for those students who,during the scholar year 2016, had a perfect assistance rate with no tardiness.

In addition to this award, ISI offers the Principal Award and several scholarships from outside entities in order to provide the right environment for those students who want to learn at ease.

We hope that these scholarships and awards will inspire our students to work hard and will empower them!

You can check more details about our scholarship system on the following link:

About Scholarship

This time the following students got the award. Congratulations!

Mr Warnakula (Sri Lanka)
Mr Kalugale (Sri Lanka)
Mr Jeong (South Korea)
Ms Wu (China)
Ms Lin (China)
Ms Zhang (China)
Ms Cao (Vietnam)
Ms Vo (Vietnam)
Mr Xue (China)
Ms Zhang (China)
Ms Li (China)