Application Process – Other Visa

A Temporary Visitor’s Visa is a visa that allows you to stay in Japan for less than 90 days for the purpose of sightseeing and visiting friends and relatives.

  • If there is a visa exemption arrangement between your country and Japan, the short-term visa will be issued at the airport when you enter Japan. Click here for further information about visa exemptions.
  • Depending on your nationality, extension of the short-term visa is allowed up to 6 months.
  • For some countries we recommend that you apply for a short-term visa in advance at a Japanese Embassy or Consulate even if there is a visa exemption arrangement.
  • For those countries that do not have a visa exemption arrangement, a letter of invitation, etc. from the school may be required for a short-term visa application.
  • For further information, please, contact here or Japanese Embassy/Consulate in your country.
  • Holders of other types of visa other than short-term visa (Working-Holiday, Family, Spouse, Permanent Resident, etc.) are applicable.
  • Those who are already in Japan or living in Japan can ask directly and more easily at the desired campus about starting dates and application.
  • For further information about other types of visa, please contact here or the Japanese Embassy at your country.
  • Application deadline is 30 days before the course starting date, and 30 days before the month’s course starting date in the case of mid-term applications.
  • You may be able to enroll mid-term if there is any suitable class with available seats for your level after taking a level check test.
January April July October
Enrollment deadline Early December Early March Early June Early September
  1. As soon as we reach the full capacity of each campus we won’t accept any more applications, so please, apply as soon as possible.
  2. Those students who need documentation from our school for invitation to apply for short-term visa or those who wish to arrange accommodation, need to apply earlier.
  3. Please, note that depending on the result of the level check test admission may not be possible if the respective class level has reached its total capacity.
STEP 1 Send all the necessary documentation to ISI.   (Download application form here.)
STEP 2 ISI will send confirmation and an invoice of your application via e-mail.
STEP 3 After payment, ISI will send you an acceptance letter and an invitation letter.
STEP 4 Apply for a Temporary Visitor Visa at your local Japanese Embassy/Consulate* (if required).
STEP 5 Please take the pre-enrollment, online placement test by the due date. ※Those who doesn’t take the placement test by the due date, will be considered as absolute beginners and thus placed in the lowest level class (Beginner I).
STEP 6 Book your flight and inform us about arrival date, time and flight number (e-ticket) at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival.
STEP 7 Come to school on the first day of the school term.
STEP 8 Beginning of classes. *Depending on the result of the test classes will be in the morning or in the afternoon.