Student House – Toda International House

For those international students who want to study it is essential to secure a place where you can live peacefully.
However, it is very difficult to find a safe, comfortable and cheap room in the metropolitan area.

In response to such students, ISI offers a student dorm to support your student life.
“Toda International House” has opened! (64 rooms, total capacity: 88 students)

In July 2016, Toda International House, a dorm managed by ISI, opened. This dormitory, exclusive for those students who have enrolled at an ISI group school, is the second share house in the Tokyo Area, following the other ISI managed dorm, Shakujii Koen International House.

About 3 minutes away on foot from Toda station in the JR Saikyo line, it is conveniently located in a quiet residential area that also includes 24 hour shops, fast food stores and shopping centers in the immediate vecinity, which makes it very easy to live. In this dorm you can experience different cultural exchanges and acquire language skills by sharing your life with students from different nationalities. There are also safety measures such as resident staff, entrance autolock, security cameras, etc. as well as shared facilities such as study room and fitness room.


  • Resident Staff lives in the dorm so it is safe.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms are shared. Meals are self provided.
  • Japanese and international students from Takadanobaba Campus, Ikebukuro Campus, Tokyo Business and Language College and Beijing Language and Culture University.
  • Distance from school:
    – 23 mins away by train and foot from Takadanobaba Campus
    – 18 mins away by train and foot from Ikebukuro Campus
  • Commuter pass (as of March 2017):
    – To/from Takadanobaba Campus: ¥​6,460 (1 month)
    – To/from Ikebukuro Campus: ¥​5,470 (1 month)
  • Bedding included

For more information about the dorm rules, please contact us.

Single room

Floors are divided according to gender. The Male Floor (2F) is calm and green and the Female Floor (3F) is coordinated with a soft pink line. There are single and double rooms and in both cases rooms are equipped with air conditioners, beds, closets, desks, chairs, bookcases, refrigerators, etc.

Twin room

Floors are divided according to gender. The Male Floor (2F) is calm and green and the Female Floor (3F) is coordinated with a soft pink line. There are single and double rooms and in both cases rooms are equipped with air conditioners, beds, closets, desks, chairs, bookcases, refrigerators, etc.

Living room

In this living room students gather to watch TV or chat. Since it faces the garden it feels very wide and pleasant. Toda International students are from all over the world so you can hear different languages around. It is, literally, an international environment.

Dining room

A place of relaxation to chat while eating. Even if everyone goes to a different school and your future career paths are different, you will make friends by staying here.


In Toda International House you can cook your own meals so you can buy the ingredients and cook them in the kitchen. It is also an opportunity to show off you country's cuisine to your roommates, teach recipes and communicate.

Self study room

These rooms are prepared for students who want to concentrate for a long time while studying. As each seat is divided in booths, you can concentrate on studying while receiving stimulus from other students.

Fitness room

In this room balance balls and yoga mats can be used freely.
Our students spend a lot of time studying, but it is also important for us that they have the opportunity to keep fit.

Laundry room

Laundry room is fully equipped and is convenient to use since it doesn't get crowded thanks to the numerous machines you can find.


Living room

Toda International House_Living Room,Dining Room – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA



Toda International House_Kitchen – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


Fitness room

Toda International House_Fitness Room – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


Single room

Toda International House_Single Room – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


Twin room

Toda International House_Twin Room – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Toda International House is located in Toda, a city with a population of about 140,000 people in the southern part of Saitama Prefecture (adjacent to Tokyo).
In the area around Toda station there are many convenient facilities for daily life such as supermarkets, convenience (24 hour) stores, restaurants, shopping center, sports center, clinics, etc.

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Toda station in the JR Saikyo line

Saitama, Tokyo's dormitory town, is connected to Tokyo by the JR Saikyo line, so you can access easily popular areas such as Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Summit Store

The big supermarket Summit Store is directly connected to Toda station. It is very convenient because its opening hours are from 9 am to 0:30 at midnight.


A large shopping center that opened in front of Toda station in 2016. You can find a variety of shops that offer home appliances, supermarkets, book stores, rental CD/DVD shops, medical related shops, cafes and restaurants.

MOS Burger

A hamburger shop between the dorm and Toda station. Its unique taste can be only enjoyed in Japan. If you are an international student, you will become addicted!


Home of the representative Beef Bowl, Japanese fast food. Cheap, delicious, fast but mandatory. You can order as take-out so you can take it to the dorm and eat it in there!

Seven Eleven

This convenience store is located in front of the dormitory. You will get so used to it that you will think that you cannot survive without it!

Toda City Sports Center

A public sports center located 4 minutes away on foot from the dorm. If you are a registered citizen you can use the gym and the heated pool at a low price.

When applying for a stay longer than 1 term (3 months) at the student house a special rate is applied.
Utility fees (water, electricity, gas) are included in the price.

(Prices in JPY – applicable from April 2020 to March 2021)

Accommodation type Admission fee Facility fee Cleaning fee Monthly rent 1 term (3 months) total
Single room ¥40,000 ¥30,000 ¥10,000 ¥81,000 ¥323,000
Twin room ¥40,000 ¥30,000 ¥10,000 ¥53,000 ¥239,000

Please let us know arrival date and time, and flight number at least 10 business days before arrival in Japan (send us your e-ticket via e-mail).
Pick-up staff will meet you at the arrival gate.

Airport Pick-up service is from 8am to 6pm. For other arrival times, please, contact us.

(Prices in JPY – applicable from April 2020 to March 2021)

Destination Transportation One way Notes
Toda International House Pick-up by staff. ¥6,000 Special rate for the dormitory entrance days only. Outside the dormitory entrance days, difference from ¥18,000 arises.

Students' Voice

Fun and lively atmosphere. The dorm dad and mom are also kind!

I entered the dormitory in October. The dorm dad and mom are also very kind to everyone, so living here is very enjoyable and lively. From here onward I'm aiming to enroll in university or vocational school in Japan!

ISI Takadanobaba Campus
Go Hinken (Taiwan)

Getting to know students from all over the world!

I study 2-3 hours every day with the purpose of enrolling in university. I am also interested on meeting students from around the world in the dorm. The dormitory is cleaned daily and I love how beautiful it is.

ISI Takadanobaba Campus
Liu Youngchan (Taiwan)

Everyone is kind. I also made new friends!

I entered the dormitory in October. I was very worried about living apart from my family for the first time but I am very happy now because I made new friends in the dorm. I am interested in nutrition, but I am also interested on learning a lot of things about Japan, that way when I return to China in the future I can be successful.

ISI Takadanobaba Campus
Chin Taiyu (China)

Station and convenient store are near, so life is easy.

I joined the dormitory in July. It is close to the station and very convenient because there's a convenient store nearby. My Japanese level is still beginner's so I often talk in English and Chinese. I think it is the best environment for students who also want to learn English and Chinese.

ISI Takadanobaba Campus
Benjamin Sas (Hungary)