Faculty Members – Masayo Sugiyama

Masayo Sugiyama

Ikebukuro Campus
Japanese Teacher

When and why did you decide to become a Japanese teacher?
When I was studying abroad in Canada as a college student I volunteered in a Japanese class. Back then the Japanese teacher asked me: "Why don't you become a teacher of a Japanese Language School?". I became interested thank you to my experience abroad and that's why I became a Japanese teacher.
Could you please tell me about the contents of your lessons?
Right now I'm in charge of classes from beginner to advance levels. On the first half of the semester I was in charge of University Pathway classes and on the second half I created the program for the Practical Conversation class. In addition, I give support to the Job Finding class together with the Head teacher.
What is the fun part and the difficult part of teaching Japanese?
There are students from all over the world in ISI and their way of thinking is totally different so I often feel that mutual understanding is not easy so I have to think of my way of teaching. However, there is this moment when the only common language is Japanese and all the students smile; it's at such times when I'm glad I became a teacher.
What is the most important thing for you when being in contact with students?
Since I like having fun the first thing I try is to smile at them. I also try to teach Japanese rules and way of thinking so that students won't have problems while living in Japan. And, above all, I try not to forget the feeling of "growing together" rather than "teaching".
What can you find in ISI that you won't find in other Japanese schools?
I have never worked in other schools other than ISI but I think that ISI is a multinational and bright school. At Ikebukuro Campus there are also a lot of students that feel at home and don't forget their purpose. Isn't it the best when everyone is smiling?
What do you think is the most important thing when international students study Japanese?
I've also been an international student so, even though passing tests and joining well-known universities is important, I think that the most important thing when learning a language is to convey your feelings and understand the other person's feelings too. So I think it is important to know not only the language skill but also the Japanese culture and your own country's.
What kind of students you want to be enrolled?
I think that living away from your home country can be difficult but I would like students with a strong will to go ahead and make their dream come true. ISI will support such students 100%!
Finally, a few words for the future students.
I think everyone is anxious to jump into the new world. Once you take that first step there's a great opportunity to change and to be supported by your dreams. We are waiting in the new world so do not worry, please, just jump in.