Faculty Members – Naomi Furui

Naomi Furui

Takadanobaba Campus
Japanese Teacher

When and why did you decide to become a Japanese teacher?
I always liked studying foreign cultures and languages but, for the past few years, I also became interested on conveying "Japan" to others. For that reason I became a Japanese teacher.
Could you please tell me about the contents of your lessons?
Currently I am in charge of intermediate and advanced level classes. There are also elective lessons twice a week, so I was in charge of discussion and presentation practice for EJU Preparation classes and academic Japanese.
What is the fun part and the difficult part of teaching Japanese?
It makes me really happy to hear "I studied at ISI and love Japan even more!". Also, even if it is trivial, I am happy seeing the satisfying expressions of the students in class. Nonetheless, there are times when the classes that I am sure will succeed won't do so. The reaction differs depending on the student so, even though it is an interesting part, it is still difficult.
What is the most important thing for you when being in contact with students?
In any case I always try to listen what they have to say first.
What can you find in ISI that you won't find in other Japanese schools?
In the case of Takadanobaba Campus it would be its multinationality. In my previous class there were students from 13 countries. It was a really fun class and I got to learn about various cultures. Also, because there are so many classes I think that finding the class that suits the student's level best is a big appeal.
What do you think is the most important thing when international students study Japanese?
To not forget how much they like Japan!
What kind of students you want to be enrolled?
Anyone who has an interest in Japan!
Finally, a few words for the future students.
Let's do our best together to make your dream come true!