Message from the President

Since its establishment in 1977, the ISI Group has aimed to make people’s dream come true while developing the international community with the creation of educational environments that foster global human resources and facing the challenges of the values of the new times.

In July 2017 we opened our Kyoto Campus within the Japanese language schools division with a capacity for more than 1,000 students, becoming this way a core business in the ISI Group. The ISI Japanese Language School Group provides excellent courses with personalised curriculum according to the student’s purpose, and a multinational environment where international students from more than 50 countries share and learn. This way, we focus on developing global human resources with real communication skills and the ability to understand and respect other cultures.

Within the vocational schools division, we have established foreign languages and business schools in Ikebukuro (Tokyo) and Ueda (Nagano). Together with global companies and local communities, we have been developing human resources that can be active in the real world as an international vocational school with numerous international students. From the year 2018 we will foster hospitality talent with language skills in order to satisfy the increasing request in recent years from domestic inbound companies.

In our university department, the Beijing Language and Culture University Tokyo College, opened in 2015,will see its first graduates by the end of this year. We expect them to be active both in the national and international panorama as multilingual talented persons that speak their mother tongue, as well as Chinese and Japanese learnt in Tokyo and Beijing colleges.

Since its beginning in 1993, in the study abroad department, more than 3,600 Japanese students graduated from overseas high schools and universities, including in China. We are pleased to know that many of them play an active role in society and we would like to keep developing human resources by offering a wide variety of study abroad programs.

The progress of globalization is speeding towards all directions in 2018 and, therefore, we would like to keep contributing human resources that will be responsible for the generations to come to our society. We look forward to your continuous guidance and support in the future.

Shojiro Ogino

Shojiro Ogino

Chairman, ISI Global Inc. 
Chairman, ISI Inc.
President, Education Corporation ISI Gakuen

Masaaki Ogino

Masaaki Ogino

CEO, ISI Global Inc. 
Executive Director, Education Corporation ISI Gakuen