Trip to Okutama

One day hiking in Okutama the beautiful valley two hours away from Tokyo.

Okutama area in the western part of Tokyo is where you can enjoy outdoor activities and Japan’s nature.
especially known for its huge lake. Located two hours by train from central Tokyo, learn what to do with a recommended trip itinerary for a one day trip.
If you leave from Shinjuku Station it will only cost you 1,080 yens to go to Okutama. 30 minutes before arriving to Oktuma station the landscape outside is magnificent and breathtaking. You will be surrounded by mountains and when its sunny the scene that takes place in front of you is amazing.

Now let me introduce you what you can do in okutama !

Hatonosu Valley was created by the Tama River, which flows between the mountains in Okutama. If you see the landscape from beside the river, you can capture the whole image of the vast mountains, which are overwhelming.
If you stroll around the area, you will find a bridge. It takes about five minutes on foot from Hatonosu Station, which is two stations away from Okutama Station. Visitors can enjoy the refreshing atmosphere in nature.

Five minutes on foot from Okutama Station is Hikawa Kokusai Masu Tsuriba, or the Hikawa International Trout Fishing Area, where you can experience fishing in the wild. The fishing spot is a vast calm stream, so everyone can enjoy fishing.
All the fishing equipment you need is available for rent. Get a fishing rod and bait and let’s try fishing! You can enjoy fishing for the whole day if you get One Day Pass (3,200 yen).

The symbol of Okutama, Lake Okutama is the source of water for Tokyo that supplies about 20% of the water used by the citizens.
You will enjoy the beautiful scenery where the green trees are reflected on the quiet lake surface. There are tourist facilities in the surroundings, and you will also experience Okutama culture and history.
the Okutama Old Road (Mukashi Michi むかしみち) is the perfect road to hike to go to the lake. The path starts with a short climb. The route is really well documented. the 6.7 kilometres to the dam through its long eerie tunnels and decaying trestle bridges is amazing. A little further along the trail ducks over one of the line’s 23 tunnels where the remarkably well-preserved railway tracks can be seen.
The trail passes a number of old pastoral villages. Before the main road was built in 1945 there were many more tea houses and lodges along the route to accommodate travellers.
After hiking for almost four hours the enormous Ogōchi Dam and Lake Okutama come into view. With a 45km circumference it would take a few days to walk around. Nearby is a visitor centre from where a frequent bus can be caught back to Okutama Station.

I really enjoyed Okutama , I’ts one of my favorite hikes and its very nice if you can share this moment with friends.
Thank you for reading me and i really hope i will be able soon to write about my new adventure.