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Trip in Nokogiriyama the “unknown big buddha statue”

Today let me introduce you the nokogiriyama mount in the chiba prefectur. Chiba prefectur is one of the un touristic prefecture in japan and this is the reasons that it keepted all it chrams and wildness.

Located 2 hours and half away from tokyo, you will have to change the trains twice. From tokyo the train trip is very beautiful cause you can see the big city and buildings desepearing to let the old countryside of japan appearing. The train road is accros the rice fields and the sea.
To discover the nokogiriyama mount you can stop at hama-kanaya station. Be carefull when you planned to go to nokogiriyawa to bring with you all the necessity : money, food, beverageetc… The city is essentially a fishing city and they dont have any atm or convinient store.

There are several ways to explore the mountain.

Very popular is the Nokogiri Ropeway, an aerial lift that takes you right to the top.
From the upper lift station, most exploring will be downhill, saving some breath while managing the 2,639 steps leading up to the top from Nihon-ji Temple at the foot of the mountain.

Another option would be driving up.
A curvy toll road leads close to the top.
Only cars are allowed on the road, motorcycling, bicycling and walking are prohibited.
That might sound like it is a tough road but actually, it’s a fairly easy drive compared to many other mountain roads in Japan – on which bikes and hikers are perfectly welcome.

When you arrived to the top a new adventures is about to start. The exploration of nokogiriyama mountain and sites will takes you around 4-5 hours.

The mountain derived its unique saw-tooth shape from years of quarrying and has been a Buddhist site for over 1300 years.
In the building at the top of mountain, there are an observation restaurant, free resting room, telescopes, souvenirs corner, game for children ets

Also, the historical materials on the stone cutting in this mountain is exhibited there. in the nihon-ji garden you can also discover the biggeest Buddha made of stone, which is the biggest in the Orient;
I deeply recommend you to go when the weather is really clear, the view is one of the best things to enjoy. And now let me introduce to you some of the best things to do there.

A saw-toothed mountain

Mt. Nokogiri is named for its resemblance to the traditional Japanese saw of the same name. Its jagged cliffs and unusual rock formations distinguish it from other mountains in the area. The mountain is bare granite and has been a quarry since the Edo Period. It has also provided stones for many of Tokyo’s most iconic sites like Yasukuni Shrine and Waseda University.

A Glimpse of Hell

The main lookout point at the top of the mountain is called Hell Peek Point . A jagged cliff that juts out from the mountain, it offers a spectacular view straight down. From here, you can see huge areas of the Boso Peninsula and much of Tokyo Bay. On clear days, you can see as far as Mt. Fuji.

The view from the top

To enjoy spectacular views over Tokyo Bay to the top, I share my photos with you.

I really enjoyed Nokogiriyama , and if you like unknow city you will appreciate a one day trip in there. i recommend you to go back to hota station by the beach.
Thank you for reading me and i really hope i will be able soon to write about my new adventure.