Support for Students Applying to Higher Education Manqing Tang

Manqing Tang

Takadanobaba Campus Graduate
Waseda University

If you want to go on to university, go to ISI’s Top University Preparation Class.

I studied at ISI Takadanobaba’s Advanced Class because I wanted to go to a Japanese university and I think ISI’s information and guidance on higher education is perfect. The teachers are very knowledgeable about the preparation for entrance exams, and they provide step-by-step guidance so that students can prepare without any worries. I am very happy that I was able to study with my classmates in ISI’s Advanced Placement class.

I consulted with my teacher four or five times to revise my statement of purpose. Even though I had something I wanted to do or say, I had to speak slowly to make it convincing to Japanese people. I spent a lot of time working with my teacher to make sure that I made a good impression in the application screening. Thanks to my teacher, I was able to prepare for my higher education early and was able to get accepted to the university of my choice.

In the future, through data analysis, I would like to promote equal opportunities for women and create a society without gender differences. I would also like to build a society with economic equality so that women can find their own value in society.