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[Content Update] Finalist for the 2021 ST Star Awards

◆We would like to inform you again that some of the contents posted on August 4, 2020 have been changed.
In response to the cancellation of the Grand Prize Announcement and Award Ceremony due to the coronavirus situation in 2020, the organizer has announced that the 2020 finalists (of ST Star Awards) will continue in 2021.
With the title of world's top class language school, we will continue to strengthen our cooperation with our partners to provide our customers with even better quality services and support.

ST Star Awards 2021 "World Language School" Finalist

We would like to inform you that ISI Japanese Language School was selected as a finalist at the “World Language School” of the 2020 ST Star Awards. ISI faculty members and staff are very honored to have been awarded a prestigious award in the study abroad industry following the 2017 Award for Best Language Education.

The “Study Star Awards” are sponsored by the study abroad magazine “Study Travel Magazine” which has a massive influence in Europe, and is also called Academy Awards for the study abroad industry. Language educational institutions with excellent quality and service are awarded by the votes of language schools and study abroad agents all over the world.

As a language education institution, we have been evaluated as one of the most important efforts by our company, such as support for students, completeness of service, trust relationship with partner companies and educational institutions. In the past, we have won three awards (nominations) and one award for the best schools, and this is our fifth award. In 2020, due to the spread of coronavirus infection worldwide, we won the award in the form of a “finalist” as an excellent school rather than an award for the best school.

This is thanks to our customers who have selected ISI Japanese Language School from a number of language educational institutions, as well as our partners who support us on a regular basis. ISI Japanese Language School Group will continue to work together with you to create an educational environment for global human resource development, and we will continue to do our utmost to develop the international community as an educational institution that meets your expectations.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support and cooperation.

[What is ST Star Awards?]
A global award sponsored by Study Travel (Headquarters: UK), which publishes the study abroad magazine. This year is the 15th time of this award. It is divided into a total of 25 categories (departments) such as educational institutions, vocational schools, travel agencies, and study abroad agents around the world.
As a result of the voting, the top 5 of each category were selected as nominations, and the organization with the most votes will be granted the highest award. Voting begins every February, with the Grand prizes and awards ceremony being held in London around the summer.