Visit from Senior High School of 1 Bandung

Forty-five students from 2nd and 3rd year of the Senior High School of 1 Bandung, Indonesia, visited Japan on a “Culture Mission”. The Indonesian Embassy invited them to come to our Ikebukuro Campus on the 12th March.

During the visit, we presented ISI Japanese Language School in English to them and one of our Indonesian students from Takadanobaba Campus made a presentation in Indonesian about his experience in Japan as an international student. After learning, also in English, about one of our vocational schools, TBL, all the students had lunch together at the Ikebukuro Campus.

The students paid attention carefully to the presentations and made a lot of questions regarding ISI Group. During lunch time, they also had the chance to enjoy their time talking with our Indonesian student in Indonesian. Furthermore, we received a very special present from the teachers at Bandung as a souvenir from their visit.

We also took a chance to present our Summer Course 2018 held in our Kyoto Campus as well as guidance of short-term and long-term courses applications. We were very happy to see and hear the interest they showed. We are sure we will see them very soon and we parted ways after high-fiving.

We look forward to seeing them again at ISI Japanese Language School in the near future!