Business Seminar Report

The ISI Group wants to hold business related lectures and events aimed to those students who are seeking employment in Japan so they can acquire both knowledge and confidence.

Our first step when it comes to business seminars was to invite Mr. Koichi Yanagibashi, Manager of the new enterprise Creative Solutions, Inc. to Tokyo Business and Language College (TBL) to do a presentation about the “Current situation of Japanese society and the future way of thinking”.

Approximately 150 students from the ISI Group schools who are considering job hunting in Japan participated in the seminar and listened carefully to the presentation.

Creative Solutions Co., Ltd., which is part of the Forval Group (TSE 1st section), is developing consulting businesses under the philosophy of “keep on creating” by engaging on personnel introduction business.

Currently, it mainly supports ASEAN countries that aim to expand overseas. The company has also strongly recognized the need for global human sources development.

Since Mr. Yanagibashi is part of such a global company he was able to talk about the Japanese ideal company problem in a modern era, where globalization is advancing fast, by giving concrete examples such as population decrease.

In Japan there are 26,000 long-lived companies which are called “100-year enterprises”, far away from UK and Germany that occupy the second place in the world with about 2,000 companies. This is an obvious glance to the future of Japanese companies.

Recently, Japanese management has been often criticized but, taking this business history into account, we can see that there is also a good side to the unique Japanese management; therefore, it is important that we carefully consider its advantages, regardless of being Japanese or an international student.

Students who took part into the seminar also received advice about choosing a place of employment. The seminar became a very strong lecture about domestic and overseas trends, which is essential knowledge for global talent.

ISI Group sincerely hopes to provide a place for our students where they can learn useful information in order to be part of global human resources!