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The ISI Group (ISI Global Co., Inc., ISI Inc., Educational Corporation ISI Gakuen, hereinafter referred as “the Group”) considers that proper information management is an important issue, therefore declares the Information Security Policy as the Groups’s action policy for information security and will abide by the Information Security Policy and the separte Private Policy in order to ensure that the costumers are able to use the Group’s services safely.

This policy covers the information on all business activities under the Group’s control (including individual information) and the officers and employees (regular, contract and temporary employees and part-time workers), and applies to all persons who use the Group information asset, including outsourcing contractors.

The Group will comply with various laws and ordinances concerning information security and other guidelines and norms established by the Government.

The Group will establish information security rules stating the basic requirements that are necessary in order to determine which actions and judgments should abide by the information security measures.

The Group will develop an information security management system and implement unified information security management as an organization.

In the unlikely event of information security problems, the Group will respond promptly and minimize the damage. We also will take the appropriate measures, including those to prevent recurrence.

The Group will educate and train executives, all employees and outsourcing contractors to learn the importance of information security and ensure that information assets are properly used.

In order to confirm that the information security policy and regulations are being complied, the Group will evaluate periodically the status of information security implementation and will aim for continuous improvement.

The revision or abolition of this policy is drafted by the Information Security Committee and requires the approval of the Board of Directors.

Date of enactment: 26th November, 2008
Revision: 1st August, 2016