Information of ISI Winter Course

  • Held in Nagano, one of Japan’s leading snow resorts where the Winter Olympics were held in 1998. Experience Olympic Snow!
  • Impressed by the snow-covered magnificent sceneries and beautiful nature!(Many scenes that look good on Social Media!)
  • 【Study&Trip】 Extensive activities. Let’s enjoy both Japanese learning and Sightseeing!

【Japan Winter Fun!】Charm of ISI Winter Course

Extensive Activities

We offer many cultural experiences such as skiing, hot springs, samurai culture, visiting sites from anime and other sightseeing spots recommended for travelling, such as making miso and soba noodles. Let’s enjoy both Japanese learning and Sightseeing.

International exchange event with multinational students

There are many international exchanges between Japanese students at ISI Nagano and multinational students, this is the chance to make friends around the world! Let's make a lot of memories through various cultural experiences and international exchange meetings.

Stay in a secure student dormitory

A set of stay and airport transfer. There is a manager in the dormitory, so it is safe for first-time visitors to Japan. You can study natural Japanese in an international environment where you can live with Japanese students and students from various countries.

Course Course Features Course period Duration
Premium Experience Olympic Snow! In addition to skiing with the best snow quality, you can also meet cute snow monkeys which enjoy the hot springs. A very satisfying course where you can visit sites from Anime and national treasure castle. Jan 25th~Feb 19th 4 weeks
Jan 25th~Feb 5th 2 weeks
Feb 8th~Feb 19th 2 weeks
General Recommended for those who are not good at skiing or who want to go sightseeing at their own pace. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beautiful nature of the Samurai town around the school. Jan 25th~Feb 19th 4 weeks
Online You can experience all activities online. For a valuable experience that gives you a realistic feeling of the local scene. Interaction with multinational students is also attractive. Jan 25th~Feb 19th 4 weeks
Jan 25th~Feb 5th 2 weeks