Voice from Park Junghwan

Park Junghwan

Takadanobaba Campus Graduate
ISI Global Co., Ltd, Public Relations and Planning Department

During ISI’s student days I was doing part-time jobs related to web and translation.
As a result, since I graduated up to now I’ve been employed as part of the daily ISI staff.

Being a staff member of the school where I studied is really a unique experience.

Supporting students with the teachers who taught me Japanese by taking part of making plans for the new students it is a lot of fun since those students can make good use of my own experience.

It is also a unique experience to be employed in Japan and not in my home country, South Korea.

From now onwards I would like to take advantage of my experience and do a job that would make ISI students happy.

To those students who are planning on getting a job in Japan: if you have the chance, why don’t you experience different part-time jobs, and try to look for a work environment that suits your aptitudes and aim for employment in Japan just like I did?