Voice from Max Klapa

Max Klapa

Nagano Campus Graduate
Working as a Foreign Language Assistant at a public school in Gunma Prefecture

For a few years, I knew I wanted to experience life in Japan, however, I was scared of moving to a completely new environment to start work straight away, and my goal was to learn Japanese. That’s why when I came across the portfolio of different schools, and flexible dates offered by ISI I was very happy. I decided on Japanese course as my entry-point into Japan, and on Ueda city as my place of study, as it was a smaller place. One thing which improved almost instantly was my writing ability, as we had to use it during the lessons, something which I struggled with beforehand. The school often had smaller tests, which kept your motivation up, but you also had spare time, it was a good balance if you are planning on finding a part-time job, like many of my friends.
After graduating, I decided to continue my journey in Japan and was able to fairly easily find work as an ALT in a nearby prefecture, Gunma, allowing me to see my friends during longer holidays! I also feel that thanks to my studies, I was able to learn through listening in on work conversations more easily, as I was able to analyze what has been said afterwards.
Coming to Japan can be scary, I had never been outside of EU, with the exception of Turkey perhaps, so moving this far was stressful. This feeling quickly disappeared, as I met all the lovely and like-minded people in the dorm, I felt right at home.