Student Interview with Ngo Thi Huyen

Ngo Thi Huyen

From Vietnam
Intermediate II-1 / Nagano Campus

Why did you decide to study in Japan?
I thought that I wanted to work in a Japanese company in the future so that is why I came.
Why did you choose ISI?
I had a friend who was studying at Nagano Campus so I looked for it on the internet and saw that the tuition fee was lower and that it was a quiet place so I decided to study here.
What do you think was the best thing of enrolling in ISI?
Teachers are very enthusiastic and their teaching is very easy to understand. Unlike big cities, Ueda is safe and people are very gentle so they help us when we are in trouble. You can live peacefully here.
What is your future dream?
I want to become a Japanese teacher when I return to Vietnam.
What would you tell to those who want to study in ISI?
There may be a lot of people that think there are not many places to work part-time in Nagano, but because everyone in Ueda is so nice you can find a part-time job after getting along with them. You can also receive support from the school. There are also a lot of activities held by the school, like bus trip, sports festival, cultural festival, etc. I am having a great time, plus you can make friends from different countries.