Study Japanese in Tokyo! Let's learn Japanese in the student neighbourhood of Takadanobaba, Tokyo!

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Let’s study Japanese in Takadanobaba,Tokyo!
Learn Japanese with students from more than 50 nationalities in a rich and international environment.

“Appreciation Campaign” Value (Including Entrance Fee, Lesson Fee, Material Fee and Facility Fee)

Study Period: 8 Weeks 10 Weeks
Regular Fee ¥165,850 ¥201,500
Discount -¥30,850 -¥46,500
Total Amount: ¥135,000 ¥155,000

Appreciation Campaign Details
*Please contact us for more details

■ Applicable Campus: Tokyo-Takadanobaba (ISI Language School)

■ Applicable Course: Short Term Japanese Language Course (excluding Summer Courses and other special courses)

Campaign Period: July 2019 – March 2021


What kind of place is Tokyo-Takadanobaba Campus?

Academic neighbourhood with excellent access to Tokyo major areas!

Great teachers with extensive experience!

Learn with students from all over the world in an international environment!

Many elective lessons to meet your objectives!

Advanced education guidance to enter top universities!

High employment success rate due to our partnerships!

Unique Summer Courses!

Special advanced Japanese class available for those who pass the test!

The largest Japanese language school in Japan!


  • Academic town where many students from different universities and colleges gather
  • 3 – 10 minutes walking distance from Takadanobaba Station (depending on the building)
  • Excellent access to Tokyo major areas

Address (main building):

2-14-19 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo

About Takadanobaba area:

JR Yamanote Line, Seibu Shinjuku Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line and many buses stop in Takadanoba so access from and to major areas of Tokyo is very convenient. Due to the high number of students, there are a lot of shops with reasonable prices and an area known as the “ramen battle area”.

Special Features:

Tokyo-Takadanobaba Campus is the largest one within ISI Japanese Language School. It consists on 3 modern buildings, including the new annex, with classrooms and facilities with a big capacity that will make you feel welcome.
Thanks to the size of it, levels are divided into several different classes with small differences on the levels so you can learn in the most suitable level for you.


PC area, library, infirmary, lobby, student lounge, self-study room, vending machines, water servers, Wi-Fi, Café.


Class Schedule:

  • Morning class: 8:50 – 12:00
  • Afternoon class: 13:00 – 16:10

Japanese Language Course:

  • Entrance terms: January, April, July and October

Course Features:

  • Perfect for those who want to master the necessary Japanese language skills to enroll in higher education: vocational school, university or graduate school.
  • From intermediate level onwards, in addition to the basic lessons per week, students will be able to choose from preparation class for EJU or JLPT, writing, conversation, etc.


  • Graduate School Pathway Class 
    Prepares students in writing research proposals and short theses that are required when applying to graduate schools in Japan.
  • EJU Preparation Class
    Prepares students in using academic Japanese and studying for the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) which is required when applying to universities in Japan.
  • JLPT Preparation Class
    Focuses on problems that are likely to appear in the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) or problems that have been previously used on the JLPT. Practice tests are administered before the actual JLPT.
  • Practical Conversation Class
    Seeks to improve conversation skills through activities such as roleplay, debate and field work.
  • Job Finding Class
    Prepares students for their job search by providing practical lessons in topics such as writing resumes, practicing interviews, and improving presentation skills. There are also opportunities to go on company tours or information sessions just for ISI students.

ISI Career Center:

  • ISI Career Center is the key for ISI students to, step by step, find better employment opportunities. We will provide the necessary support to ensure you find what you are looking for career-wise.

University/College Admission Support:

  • At Takadanobaba Campus, our teachers bring a lot of passion when it comes to counseling the students about their career or academic plans; we count on our extensive experience and large amount of information gathered throughout the years so the students can fulfill their wishes to go to a top university or famous postgraduate school and step up for the next stage in Japan.

Job Hunting Support:

  • Takadanobaba Campus holds regularly employment guidance and corporate briefing sessions on campus so students can become “good professionals and citizens” in the future. We also provide opportunities for internships in cooperation with companies that could lead to recruitment.