Curso preparatorio para escuelas de arte

Cram school for foreign students who aim to enter Japanese art universities. ena Shinbi ISI Campus has opened!

ena Shimbi is one of the largest cram schools for art universities in Japan celebrates 50th anniversary in 2020.  Till today, ena Shimbi has No. 1 achievement in Japan for sending students to art universities in Japan, and approximately 2,000 students have successfully entered the Tokyo University of the Arts wit the help of the school. ena Shimbi opens ISI Campus in our Takadanobaba Campus. With highly specialized teaching instructions offered by excellent teachers, you are able to strengthen your skills and receive more chance to study at art university in Japan.

ena Shinbi ISI Campus

About ena Shinbi

2019 Placement Record
Number of successful applicants is No.1 in Japan!
Established in 1970, ena Shinbi is the largest cram school for art universities in Japan. As of 2019, 1947 students from ena Shinbi managed to get into Tokyo University of Arts.

●In 2019, 1090 students from ena Shinbi passed the entrance examinations for art universities
●709 students managed to pass the entrance examinations while still enrolled at ena Shinbi! (No.1 in Japan!)
●Competent teachers all graduated from top art universities will offer you personalized tutoring to help you achieve your goals
●Extensive tutoring to prepare you for university interviews
●Offering guidance on how to write short essays and the reason for application letter

About ISI Japanese Language School

General education group in an international learning environment
Since its opening in 1992, it is the largest Japanese language institution in Japan, with approximately 3,000 international students studying every year, based in Tokyo (Takadanobaba / Ikebukuro), Kyoto, and Nagano.

●In total, more than 14,500 students from over 110 Countries graduated from ISI.
●Educational guidance to help you pass the EJU and JLPT examinations
●Regular individual interviews with homeroom teachers
●Professional career advisors

ena Shinbi ISI Campus

An ideal environment where all instruction is available at the same school building.

・Oil painting
・Japanese painting
・Imaging arts and sciences

※ Depending on the subjects you choose, lessons may take place in different campuses.

1. You will start by learning the basics of both art and Japanese
ena Shinbi ISI Campus is perfect for those who have never studied art: you will start by learning sketching and then you’ll specialize into a field of your choice. The school offers full Japanese language support, so that people can keep up with their classes regardless of their Japanese level.

2. Excellent tutoring service tailored to your needs

The sketching techniques vary from country to country and the content of the entrance examinations differs according to the university and faculty you wish to apply to. Our excellent tutors will help you reach your goals.

3. Counselling sessions

Your teachers will offer you three counselling sessions, during which they will help you to better define your goals and how to achieve them. By talking with them in Japanese, your communication skills will also improve.
An option is also available if you do it more than 3 times.

4. Tutoring on how to write the short essay and the Reason for application

You can have your short essay and homework checked by a teacher and receive constructive feedback, by paying a small fee. Twice a year, ena Shinbi also offers classes on how to write your reason for application letter. An option is also available if you do it more than 3 times.

5. Homeroom teacher system by competent teachers

Our competent teachers are all specialized in the subject they teach. Having graduated from top art universities, they will help you to enhance your talents and achieve your goals.

6. Periodical mock tests to constantly monitor your progress

You will periodically take mock tests from the official examinations for Tokyo University of Arts, Tama Art University and Musashino Art University: an invaluable opportunity to prepare yourself for the actual exams. You will see pass judgment is issued from abundant data based on past pass results.

Tokyo University of the Arts、Tama Art University、Musashino Art University、Joshibi University of Art and Design、Tokyo Zokei University、Nihon University, faculty of Fine Arts、Tokyo Polytechnic University、Yokohama University of Art and Design、Kyoto University of Art and Design、Kyoto Seika University Other

If you just study by yourself...

  1. It is very difficult to pass the entrance examinations for Japanese Art Universities. If you thought that all it takes to pass is being good at drawing, that’s not the case. The entrance examinations are extremely difficult and selective tests that evaluate the practical skills of the students, and only the most talented can pass.
  2. Moreover, even if you manage to pass the entrance exams, you may find yourself struggling a lot to keep up with classes, if you don’t have a solid artistic background, as art universities very hard and classes increase in difficulty as you progress.

The benefits of studying at a cram school for Art Universities.

  1. Your work will be evaluated by extremely competent teachers, so that you can acquire a solid basic knowledge, while also improving your overall art skills. Thanks to the precise guidance of our instructors, the skills you will acquire at the school, will prove useful even after you have entered university.
  2. The content of the entrance examinations varies depending on the university. You will receive a well rounded education that will give you the best chance of passing the entrance examination of top Japanese Art Universities.

■ Detailed explanations about the contents of the admission exams for Art Universities

● Practical Exam(Sketching + One other subject)
● Interview
● Short Essay
● Examination of reason for application

■ Admission schedule for Art University

Period content
April-July Improving your practical’s and sketching skills, as well as your Japanese level.
July-September Summer seminar to help you further improve your skills・Open campus
September-November Mock tests・Interview training・Assistance in preparing the necessary documents for the application to art universities
November-December Submitting your application ・Improving your skills
Second half of December Entrance Examination

■ Schedule (example)

8:50 am~12:00 am [Morning Class] Japanese Lesson(First Period~Second Period)
13:00 pm~16:10 pm [Afternoon Class] Japanese Lesson(First Period~Second Period)
17:30 pm~20:30 pm [Basic course for foreign students] ・[University entrance examination course for foreign students ] Sketching Class

■ Artworks made by our students during class

● Musashino Art University:14 ● Tama Art University :18 ● Tokyo Zokei University:1 ● Joshibi University of Art and Design:10 ● Nihon University College of Art:5● Kyoto University of Art and Design:2 ● Other Universities:2  Total: 52

Special campaigns for the opening of ena Shinbi ISI Campus

  1. Exemption of the admission fee (22,000 JPY) for those who enrolled at ena Shinbi ISI Campus, April / July / October 2020 and January 2021 enrolment. The exemption only applies to those who requested it before having their residence requirements approved by the Japanese immigration office. ※Only for those who pay the admission fee for both ISI Japanese Language School and ena Shinbi ISI Campus at the same time.
  2. Prize money (50,000 JPY) for those who manage to get into Tokyo University of the Arts, Musashino Art University, or Tama Art University) ※ Application period: from April 2020 to March 2022 ※ For students who have completed the preparatory course for entrance examinations course for 2 terms.Please, contact ISI Education Group for further details.

Main Course

The course lasts 2 years. On the first year, you will study sketching and focus on improving your Japanese. On the second year, you will choose the field you want to specialize in (oil painting, Japanese painting, sculpture, design・crafts, imaging arts and sciences). The content of the preparatory class for the entrance examinations will change accordingly.

Course Major Subjects Course length Days Timetable
Basic Course Basic course For the entire year 6 days a week(Monday-Saturday) 17:30~20:30 pm
University Admission Preparatory Course [Not included in the Basic course]
Oil painting, Japanese painting, Sculpture, Design・Crafts, Imaging arts and sciences
Graduate School Course Private Program 1.5 hours / 1 lesson
Course Admission Fee Course fees (tax included)
April-Intake July-Intake October-Intake January-Intake
Basic Course 22,000 610,500 412,500 313,500 165,000
University Admission Preparatory Course 534,600 330,000 222,750
Graduate School Course (Minimum contract 20 lessons) 352,000~ (Minimum contract 20 lessons) 352,000~ (Minimum contract 10 lessons) 176,000~


ena Shinbi ISI campus offers individual tutoring sessions on how to write the motivation letter and the short essay, which will be required during the application and the actual exam for art universities, respectively. Instruction is a reservation / ticket system, and the ticket price per ticket is as follows

Course Period Days・Timetable (tax included)
Short essay/Reason for application letter Correction April-December 1,100
Individual tutoring (Saturday)13:30~16:30 pm 5,500
Interview guidance September-December ※Each individual session will last for 40 minutes 2,200

Our Teachers

※About 80 students from Tokyo University of the Arts, Tama Art University, Musashino Art University are working at ena Shinbi as lecturers.

Hiromichi Kurihara
In charge of Craft design class (evening course) (graduated from Musashino Art University)

Ryuta Ogawara
In charge of the Sculpture class (graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts - postgraduate)

Takaharu Abe
In charge of the Main course/ also teaches Oil painting (graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts - postgraduate)

Nozomi Sakai
In charge of the preparatory class for university exams (Saturday and Sunday) (Graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts-Postgraduate)

Rui Morita
In charge of the Imaging arts and sciences class (graduated from Musashino University of Art)

Taiga Nayuki
In charge of Japanese painting class (graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts)

Yu Ran
(from China; graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts - Postgraduate)

Huang Liying
Tama Art University, faculty of product design. Congratulations!

What I like about ena Shinbi is the fact that most teachers are Japanese. Just by having them talking in Japanese all the time, I managed to expand my vocabulary and mastered the art terminology in Japanese.

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Huang Bowen
Universidad de Arte Tama (Diseño de productos)
Universidad de Nihon Departamento de Diseño
Universidad de Arte de Musashino (Diseño Industrial y Artesanal)

Hay un dicho en Japón, “la práctica hace al maestro”. Fue una muy buena experiencia hacer amistad con estudiantes japoneses en Shinbi y divertirnos mientras estudiabamos juntos. Pensé que este tipo de habilidad fue muy importante durante la entrevista.

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Chao Qinzhe
Universidad de Arte Joshibi Curso de arte tridimensional
Universidad de Arte de Musashino Departamento de Escultura

Cuando recién llegué a Japón hace un año, no distinguía derecha de izquierda, pero estoy muy feliz de haber podido aprobar el examen al final.

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Vu Jemma
Universidad de Arte Tama Departamento de Diseño Integrado
Universidad de Arte de Musashino Departamento de Pintura Japonesa

Estoy muy impresionado por la forma en que los profesores enseñan a cada estudiante con todo su corazón. Gracias a esto, pude aprobar el examen para estudiantes internacionales en la Universidad de Arte de Tama y la Universidad de Arte de Musashino.

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Tang Xiao(China)
ISI Takadanobaba Campus

ISI Language School, new annex, which is a 1-minute walk from the Toyama Exit of JR Takadanobaba Station, will be the course location. With the latest ICT equipment, there is a Japanese-style room where you can experience traditional Japanese culture, and a consultation booth for individual counseling, creating an environment where you can work on your studies with peace of mind.


4-23-32 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-0075
TEL : 03-5960-1335
FAX : 03-5960-1336


・1 min. on foot from Takadanobaba Station Toyama Exit (JR Yamanote Line)
・4 mins. on foot Takadanobaba Station Toyama Exit (Seibu Shinjuku Line)