Short-Term Practical Japanese Course (Kyoto Campus only)

1. A cultural experience class unique to Kyoto

The Short-Term Practical Japanese Course is a short, intensive practical course that uses familiar topics to primarily teach conversation skills but also grammar and writing skills. As part of the course, you will learn about Japanese culture, experience Japanese culture firsthand and learn to describe what you experienced in Japanese. This is a very popular course in which you can both learn Japanese and have plenty of chances to experience Japanese culture.

2. A small class size of 15 students

There are 15 students at most in a single class. Classes have an intimate and relaxed atmosphere between teachers and students and the small class size allows teachers to be even more attentive to individual students’ needs.

3. A curriculum in which you can feel yourself improve everyday

We adopt texts with a “CANDO “method and clearly set the goals of every class as ‘students will be able to do’ what they learned during that class. You should be able to feel your Japanese skills improve even if your period of learning is short

There are 3 levels of class each term: Beginner I, Beginner II and Intermediate I.The course standards for each level are as follows.

Level JLPT Level CEFR Level Class hours per week
Beginner LevelⅠ N5 A1 200 classes in 10 weeks for each level
LevelⅡ N4 A2
Intermediate LevelⅠ N3 B1
  • Classes are scheduled every Monday to Friday. There are no classes on national and school holidays.
  • The number of classes is 2 class periods each school day. 1 class period lasts 90 minutes.
  • Classes are from 8:50am to 12:00pm. On some days, optional activities are scheduled in the afternoon.
  • There are up to 15 students in each class.

【Morning Class】

  • 1st period : 8:50~10:20
  • 2nd period : 10:30~12:00

ISI uses an online Class Placement Test which can be accessed through a computer or smart phone. As a result, you can immediately check your assigned class on arrival in Japan and smoothly transition to the beginning of your school life. We will also ask you to complete a questionnaire about your past experiences in learning Japanese and your future plans, which will then be used to place you in a class that matches with your level of Japanese and learning goals. In case you feel that the assigned class does not match with your level of Japanese, we have a Class Changing Period in place, during which you can consult with faculty to change classes.

Students who were enrolled throughout an entire term will be given a cumulative grade. Students who are enrolled in only a part of a term will not receive a cumulative grade. If you do not plan to enroll in the next term, please consult with your previous Homeroom Teacher on how you would like to get feedback as normally feedback for your cumulative grade is provided during the following term.

  1. Academic performance is evaluated from the results of CANDO evaluations, quizzes, and the final exam at the end of each term.
  2. You will receive a cumulative grade according to the following 5 step grading scale: A+(90~100%), A(80~89%), B(70~79%), C(60~69%), D(below 59%).

If your average attendance rate during your period of enrollment is 80% or higher, you will be conferred a Certificate of Study.