Student Interview with Vu Jemma

Vu Jemma

Tama Art University Department of Integrated Design
Musashino Art University Department of Japanese Painting

I’ve been looking for a purpose for almost a year since I came to Japan. While doing various research, I found Tokyo University of the Arts and decided to try it before returning to my country.

I didn’t know anything about the need for a preparatory school and the difference between what a scale bar, Deskel, and a plaster statue were.

I researched and visited various preparatory schools until I decided to go for ena Shinbi. I decided on Shinbi of these simple reasons: the kindness of the lady at the reception, the integrity of the teacher, and the distance from the house.

I can say with confidence that all ena Shinbi teachers and staff are really wonderful. When I didn’t know how to sharpen a pencil, they taught me how to use a cutter knife from scratch.

While attending ena Shinbi, I became interested in Japanese design, art, and art education, so I decided to take the exam at Tama Art University and Musashino Art University.
I am very impressed every day that the teachers teach each student with all their heart.

Thanks to that, I was able to pass the Tama Art University and Musashino Art University International Student exams.

I learned that preparatory school selection is not decided by data or ranking.

I think it is all about finding a school where you can feel whether or not the atmosphere and staff fit you, so that you are possible to continue to work hard.

ena Shinbi is a special place and it feels like a family. Thank you very much.