Student Interview with Huang Bowen

Huang Bowen

Tama Art University Product Design Major
Nihon University Design Department
Musashino Art University Craft Industrial Design Department

The best part about ena Shinbi is the environment for communicating in Japanese. In Japan, there is a sentence means “Custom makes all things easy”.

It was a really good experience to make friends with Japanese students in ena Shinbi, have fun and study together.

I thought that this kind of ability was very important during the interview.

Also, in ena Shinbi’s task, there are many tasks to understand the consciousness of light and to understand what is important when practicing.

Studying the source of the problem and understanding “Why you draw a Japanese drawing in this way” is also essential for improving your drawing.

ena Shinbi’s teachers were also kind and enthusiastic. Even when I wrote the motivation letter, I consulted with many teachers and received dozens of times of advice, and rewrote it. I had Japanese friends help me in various ways. I am very grateful for meeting my teachers and my friends in ena Shinbi.