Student Interview with Chao Qinzhe

Chao Qinzhe

Joshibi University of Art and Design 3D Art Major
Musashino Art University Department of Sculpture

When I just came to Japan a year ago, I didn’t know either right or left, but I am very happy that finally I was able to pass the exam. I’ve learned a lot in ena Shinbi.

I had JLPT N2 before coming to Japan, but I was not good at speaking. Thereafter, I talked with kind teachers and students, became closer to each other, and became better at speaking in Japanese.

At first, even when I was confused about my major, I was able to discuss various things with my teacher and continue to do what I want with confidence.

It was also good that I could make drawings and works during the class, as well as practicing essays and interviews. Especially when I’m preparing the work and the motivation letter, instead of be taught what to do all the time, I will talk with the teacher until I can explain my thoughts.