University Admission Preparatory Course Art College Preparatory Course [ ena Shinbi ISI Campus ]

Course for students who have the basic art skills and Japanese

High-level Japanese instructors with both knowledge and skills will give detailed guidance according to your major and school of choice!

In the second year, when Japanese and the basics of art are solidified, the University Admission Preparatory Course will be divided into 5 majors (Oil painting, Japanese painting, Sculpture, Design / Craft, Imaging arts and sciences) to learn specialized techniques. We will also take measures such as practical skills measures, essays, reason for application letter, interviews, etc. according to the school of your choice.
The reason why ena Shinbi produces many successful applicants is the guidance of Japanese instructors who have high expertise in both knowledge and skills. Specialized instructors from famous art schools will guide you to pass the school of your choice while making the most of each person’s individuality.

Oil Painting Major
Japanese Painting Major
Sculpture Major
Design / Craft Major
Imaging Arts and Sciences Major

Produced many successful applicants at many universities

ena Shinbi has produced many successful applicants for the Oil painting majors at Tokyo University of the Arts, Musashino Art University, and Tama Art University. Abundant materials such as analysis of past successful applicants and art collections are linked to detailed guidance tailored to each person’s individuality.

Guidance Contents

(1)First, study the basics carefully

Even if saying “basic”, there are various elements necessary for the Oil painting major. It is important to understand not only depicting skill and sketching skill, but also “composition”, “idea”, and “conveyable technique” through various motifs and tasks.

(2)Find out and work on an issue

We will tackle various issues while keeping in mind the problems. The content will change to be more detailed according to the personality of each student and the nature of the drawings that we have seen so far.

(3)Interview Preparation [optional class]

For universities that have an interview for entrance exams, we will take proper measures for the interview. Although the percentage of interviews in the entrance examination is high, the question content can be roughly predicted from the past successful applicant data, so we will take measures based on them. Besides, the interview preparation class is optional.

Artworks of Oil Painting Students

Careful and detailed guidance for each person

At each university, the examination of Japanese painting major requires depicting skill that accompanies observation. It is the power of expression that conveys the “atmosphere.” Since the method of expression differs from person to person, we value the individuality of each student. At ena Shinbi ISI Campus, we will support you to develop a comprehensive ability to survive the examination while cultivating the applied ability to connect by facing each other such as students, lecturers, motifs, works, and viewers, and the practical ability to draw in an environment close to the entrance examination.

Guidance Contents

(1)Solidifying the basics for taking the Japanese painting exam

The point of taking the Japanese painting exam is the basic attitude of “looking at the object (observation) → drawing (depicting expression)”. This is because a picture can only be formed by stacking all the elements. Therefore, you will firmly acquire the basics that will be the foundation.

(2)Study how to present paintings

The way of presenting is sensuous and difficult to understand. We will explain the mechanism of “how to show” and “how to see”, which is the basis of painting, in an easy-to-understand manner through materials divided into each item so that you can create it.

(3)Sketching is the basis of drawing presentation

As your pencil sketching improves, your brush strokes will improve in a chain reaction. In this way, all the elements are connected in some way. It is important to be able to draw a drawing that you are sure of in the actual test, rather than seeking results immediately.

Artwork of Japanese Painting Students

We will do everything we can to help you get better!

While the entrance examination for the sculpture major requires advanced skills and understanding, most of the examinees are beginners.  That is why in order to produce results in a limited amount of time, it is important to accurately manage practical production and always guide it in the right direction. The reason why the number of successful applicants at Tokyo University of the Arts is overwhelmingly large compared to the number of students is because at ena Shinbi, even if you are a beginner, we try to give guidance that is carefully transmitted from the beginning, and steadily improve your abilities.

Guidance Contents

(1)To improve, students must be “taught to understand”

In the world of art, if there are ten people, there are ten different sensibilities, and their abilities at that time are also different. In other words, it is clear that if you give the same guidance to all students, only some students who can respond to the meaning can improve. Many students may be able to understand the instruction in words, but not realize how to actually reflect it in their work. Because of that, it is important for students to be “taught so that they can understand.”

(2)Regular personal counselling

We hold personal counselling on a regular basis. In the interview, we will take time to discuss production problems that could not be solved in the usual class with the students, and determine the policy for future efforts.

(3)Develop sculptural “observation skill” and “perceiving skill” through repeated practice of croquis

ena Shinbi ISI School is focusing on “Croquis”. Croquis simply means capturing the motif in a short time without being bound by the details. Through repetitive practice of croquis, you will train your sculptural observation ability.

Artwork of Sculpture Students

To see, to create, to express yourself

The characteristic of the Design and Crafts major is that they tend to have various exams, such as three-dimensional, two-dimensional, and spatial. At ena Shinbi ISI Campus’s Design / Crafts major, we have instructors specializing in each, and with our own curriculum and guidance, we will be able to help you get into the school of your choice. Even students with little practical experience can set up tasks that suit their level and school of choice, so we provide the best measures for entrance exams.

Guidance Contents

(1)What and how to express it? — Classes that convey through dialogue and actions

At ena Shinbi, the curriculum structure inherits the traditional ability to draw pictures, and allows students to independently improve their perspectives, observations, ideas, and expressions while considering issues that are in line with the times.  The instructors will take each and every one of them seriously and give specific advice while valuing multi-viewpoints and diversity. In the lesson development that conveys through dialogue and action, we will provide guidance and counselling so that you can promote awareness of your own characteristics for tasks, discover individual power, move your hands independently, think and express as much as possible.

(2)”Analysis sheet” for passing

An “analysis sheet” is a sheet consisting of two items: “work analysis” that describes your thoughts during production and your impressions of comments, and “goals” that describe your aspirations for the next time. An important initiative in creating a work is to “face yourself”. Writing on this sheet is the first step. It gives an opportunity to think deeply about the work, and then makes use of what you noticed, re-recognizes your individuality, and forms an attitude of proactively working on the production. This process encourages the improvement of the artwork.

(3)Guidance to improve the compositing, expressing, coloring, and depicting skill which are important in crafts

What is important in the color composition of crafts is that a solid sketching ability is required at the root. From a variety of elaborate tasks, we will derive the style that you should aim for, as well as valuing each student’s individuality. We will thoroughly refine the composition, expression, color, and depiction that suits you, and cultivate the ability to create highly complete works.

Artwork of Design/Craft Students

What kind of students is the university looking for?

From works like movies, animations and music videos to daily communication such as SNS, images are everywhere.  Learning Imaging arts and sciences at art universities is the process of acquiring diversifying video media as a means of expression. You will not only learn the techniques, but also touch the depth of the images and open up new possibilities as an artist.  The entrance examination requires an attitude of exploring new expressions by making full use of various video media such as live-action video, animation, CG, and photographs. We will learn from the basics of ideas and techniques and prepare for the entrance examination.

Guidance Contents

(1) Necessary preparations for studying in the Imaging arts and sciences major of the university

In the Imaging arts and sciences major of art universities, there is a need for an attitude of exploring new expressions by making full use of various video media such as live-action video, animation, CG, and photography. In the Imaging arts and sciences of ena Shinbi ISI School, you will learn from the basics of ideas and techniques and prepare for the entrance examination.

(2)About the flow of lessons

① We will take measures for essays and pencil sketching.
② Special training on depicting skill with a pencil and training on sentence expression.
③ For students taking the Musashino Art University, we will create and comment on the assignments according to the actual exam format such as the sensory test.

(3)Entrance examination data for successful applicants

The world of images changes on a daily basis in a variety of ways. The curriculum at ena Shinbi ISI Campus is based on a vast amount of data from past students who have passed the entrance examinations, and is based on recent trends.

Artwork of Imaging Arts and Sciences Students

《~ June》
Divided into 5 majors to learn the basics and how to draw Japanese sketching.

The basics are important even in the Admission Preparatory course. In any major, we will focus on the basics. Japanese sketches are different from the sketches you have drawn in your home country, so learning this difference is the fastest way to pass the university.

Practical measures according to the school of your choice

From July, we will finally take practical measures according to the school of your choice. This can be happened thanks to ena Shinbi ISI Campus that knows detailed information of each university.

Measures for essays, motivation letter, interviews, etc.

You can practice essay preparation, correction of motivation letter, and interview. Not only practical skills but also important points in entrance examinations. Let’s take preparation firmly.

I had JLPT N2 before coming to Japan, but I was not good at speaking. Thereafter, I talked with kind teachers and students, became closer to each other, and became better at speaking in Japanese..

Chao Qinzhe (from China)
Joshibi University of Art and Design 3D Art Major
Musashino Art University Department of Sculpture

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Opening period: All year
Day: 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday)
Time: 17:30 – 20:30


Admission fee: 22,000 JPY
Tuition: April intake 534,600 JPY / July intake: 330,000 JPY / October intake: 222,750 JPY


For an additional fee, we will correct essays, motivation letter, and provide individual guidance for interviews.
Guidance is a reservation / ticket system, and the ticket fee for one time is as follows.

Course Period Days Timetable (JPY/tax included)
Short essay
/Reason for application letter
Correction April-December 1,100
Individual tutoring (Saturday)13:30~16:30 pm 5,500
Interview guidance September-December ※Each individual session will last for 40 minutes 2,200