Graduate School Course Art College Preparatory Course [ ena Shinbi ISI Campus ]

Private program to get into graduate school

Research plans and interviews occupy a large weight in graduate school entrance examinations. Graduate school interviews are not limited to the day of the exam, but include pre-interviews with professors of the desired department. In addition, achievements and achievements so far (achievements of solo exhibitions, awards, participation in social projects, etc.) are also required.

In the Graduate School course, counseling will be provided before enrollment to determine the content of the private program. The graduate school has a different entrance examination preparation schedule from the university, and the content that must be emphasized differs depending on the university and graduate school. Therefore, in order to pass the graduate school, it is necessary to create and proceed with your own program.

(1)Private program tailored to the school of your choice

At graduate school, what is required differs depending on the university or graduate school. In the Graduate School Course, we will organize a private program according to the school of your choice and offer classes according to the graduate school you are going to take exam.

(2)Enriched research plans, portfolios, interview measures

The program includes correction of research plans, portfolio creation, and interview preparation. All of this is a private time for you and your teacher, so you can quickly resolve any questions or concerns you may have.

(3) You can decide the class day yourself

In this course, classes are not held on fixed days and times, but at the pace of each student. Of course, in order to pass, the instructor will manage the schedule and provide guidance to the students.


Musashino Art University Takanodai Campus

Tama Art University Tokyo Hachioji Campus 2012

Tama Art University Hachioji Campus

Opening period:April~December
Day:Private Program
Time:1.5 hours / 1 lesson


Admission fee: 22,000 JPY
Tuition: April intake  (Minimum contract 20 lessons) 352,000JPY~/July intake (Minimum contract 20 lessons) 352,000JPY~/October intake (Minimum contract 10 lessons) 176,000JPY~