Basic Course Art College Preparatory Course [ ena Shinbi ISI Campus ]

Learn sketching thoroughly in the first year

Everything starts from here!

Some people have studied art in their home countries, while others will study in earnest.
Japanese art universities have some common characteristics, and there is an entrance examination which is unique to Japan. To pass this exam, it is important to get used to draw Japanese sketching.
Let’s acquire a wide range of basic skills necessary for passing art universities through “various” experiences! We will alternate between “common issues” and “specialized issues” throughout the year.

(1)Start from the basics focused on sketching

There are some students draw for the first time in the basic course, so we will teach you how to use the tools carefully. Please be assured that the class will start with sketching. For students who already got used to drawing, we will provide guidance according to their progress.


(2)Study Japanese specialized in art

To take the art universities exam, you need to know the specialized vocabulary of art. In class, you will be able to learn naturally because you speak specialized Japanese repeatedly. Also, communicating with the instructor will help you improve your Japanese.


(3)Reassurance even if you are not good at Japanese (interpreter support is available)

Many of the students in the basic course have just arrived in Japan and are not good at Japanese. Chinese-speaking teacher will support you to take classes with confidence. (Korean / English support is also available depending on the day)

I am very impressed every day that the teachers teach each student with all their heart. Thanks to that, I was able to pass the Tama Art University and Musashino Art University International Student exams.

Vu Jemma (from Australia)
Tama Art University Department of Integrated Design
Musashino Art University Department of Japanese Painting

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Opening period: All year
Day: 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday)
Time: 17:30 – 20:30


Admission fee: 22,000 JPY
Tuition: April intake 610,500 JPY / July intake 412,500 JPY / October intake 313,500 JPY / January intake 165,000 JPY