Faculty Members – Miho Io

Miho Io

Kyoto Campus
General Secretary

Could you please tell us about your role in school?
I am the General Secretary. My main task is the school's administration.
Could you please tell us any success story about the school in Gifu?
The greatest success we achieved was that we advanced our lessons so all beginners would finish the level in 6 months. As a result, it became possible for all of them to study in the advanced level before graduation.

The enrollment rate of students of non-kanji nationality is very high in Gifu Campus, so the progress of the class tends to be delayed. However, by doing this effort we were able to keep progress steadily. Moreover, the quality of the education is maintained. The passing rate of JLPT N4 test conducted at the end of the beginner class always exceeds the 80%. Also, the rate of non-kanji nationality students who passed the university entrance test in 2016 raised up to more than 20%.

Until now non-kanji nationality students considered very difficult going to university, but as a result of this effort we were able to derive the achievement and improve the university entrance rate.
Gifu Campus will relocate to Kyoto Campus. What kind of features does Kyoto Campus offer compared to the other campuses?
All ISI Campuses offer Academic Japanese Language courses; of course it will be offered in Kyoto, but the best feature is that we offer a special General Japanese Language course.

Other Japanese language schools have adopted the "grammar buildup method", but in Kyoto Campus we will teach with the "can-do method" so all students, even the ones who come for 2 weeks, that want to learn Japanese and Japanese culture can be able to speak the language. Also, by including activities within the regular classes, it will allow students to positively experience Japan. I think that unique classes can be done in the touristic city of Kyoto.

Regarding enrollment, we have a system that allows students join us monthly. This way we plan to make it easier for short-term students who want to enrol with us.
What kind of students would you like to be enrolled?
I would like more students who say "I want to experience Japanese and its culture, even for a short period of time!" enrolling with us. We would also like to welcome those students who are looking forward to enrol in university or vocational schools in Kansai after studying in the Academic Japanese Language course with us.
What is the most important thing for you when being in contact with students?
Respecting the other's will. Everyone is different so I try to not impose my own sense of values. We will provide counseling to each student while keeping in mind that common sense in Japan may be different in other countries, and also each student's background and the way they grew up.
What kind of school you want Kyoto Campus to be?
I want a school to where international students from different nationalities want to come! I would like to do my best to make them feel that Kyoto Campus is like their hometown in Japan.
Finally, a few words for the future students.
Why don't you come and join us in the city of history and culture of Japan -Kyoto- and study Japanese with innovative lessons? Every teacher will approach the students as individuals and we will do our best so the school will make you feel at home.