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Old Historical Sites, Worldwide Attractive City: Kyoto

Kyoto, the most famous historic Japanese city and the ancient capital, has been selected as one of the world’s top 3 cities to visit. Kyoto was the prosperous capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years until 1869 when the capital was moved to Tokyo. Even nowadays Kyoto's abundant culture, tradition and history continues to attract people.
Because Kyoto is the center of Japanese culture, you can feel the authentic traditional culture that emanates from the old buildings, like temples and shrines, that fulfill the street.
A long stay in Kyoto will allow students to enjoy the harmony of the authentic traditional culture and the seasons. ISI is planning to make full use of the resources offered by the beautiful city of Kyoto so both short-term and long-term students will enjoy their time as much as possible.

About Kyoto Campus

Small size classes in the General Japanese Course

Thanks to the small class size of maximum 15 students, you can feel very close to the teachers while interacting smoothly in a relaxed atmosphere. It also allows students to talk in class more frequently.

Summer Course

In Kyoto, as part of our special course, we offer a group tour experience which will allow you to discover the rich and traditional Japanese culture. This course is recommended for those who want to improve their Japanese in a short period as well as making friends from all over the world.

Experience the Japanese culture

There are many temples and old buildings in the surroundings of the school so you can walk to popular touristic spots. During lessons you can also learn and experience Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, zen meditation, etc. in wonderful Kyoto!

Student Interview

ISI is not only a great place to learn Japanese, but also to create a great experience.

Aline Tirado Najera

Kyoto Campus
From Mexico

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ISI is a school with great support for individuals wanting to improve their Japanese language studies.

Hannah Pettorini

Kyoto Campus
From The United States

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You should work hard on your studies and at the same time, you should definitely attend a lot of school events.

Chen Shiyu

Kyoto Campus
From China

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Teacher Interview

It is important to do your best but don't forget to enjoy studying abroad in Japan, it is also very important. Do not only study Japanese but experience properly intercultural exchanges in Japan.

Manami Sekine

Kyoto Campus
Head Teacher

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Why don't you come and experience life in historic Kyoto? Come and enjoy studying in Kyoto, where you can learn not only learn Japanese, but also Japanese culture!

Yurie Sano

Kyoto Campus
Japanese Teacher

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About Kyoto Campus

Kyoto Campus will offer two courses to suit your learning objectives and the length of your stay.
Learning Japanese in Kyoto gives you more opportunities to feel and experience the authentic Japanese culture. ISI will take advantage of this rich environment to include traditional experiences such as tea ceremony, zen meditation and handicraft into the General Japanese Course so you learn Japanese through these cultural experiences.
For those advanced students who wish to enroll in higher education in Japan, we also offer courses for learning academic Japanese language.